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Are you a fan of Stuart Woods’ detective and suspense novels? Do you want to read them all but don’t know where to start? Or perhaps you have already read some of books by stuart woods in order, and are looking for the order in which they were published so that you can continue your delightful journey into this world of danger, romance and intrigue. Whatever your reason may be, here’s a comprehensive guide to all the books by Stuart Woods, arranged in their publication order so that it’s easier for readers like us to find our way through this maze.

Who is Stuart Woods?

Stuart Woods had a dream at an early age to become a novelist – though his passion for sailing put that goal on hold. Born in Manchester, Georgia in 1938 he went onto graduate from the University of Georgie before briefly joining the Air National Guard and then moving ot New York City in search of success as an advertiser. But by end of 1960s, having crossed across continents Stuart swapped NYC buzz for Britain’s countryside where eventually took up sailing with full force taking part multiple competitions throughout Europe – only until finally turning back out attention penning down several non-fiction books about sport & life abroad!

Who is Stuart Woods?
Who is Stuart Woods?

The First 15 Books by stuart woods in order – Summary

Are you curious to explore the captivating world of books by stuart woods in order? Our list, ranked by release date and featuring fifteen titles, has all your answers! Start on a thrilling journey with his work today.

The First 15 Books by stuart woods in order - Summary
The First 15 Books by stuart woods in order – Summary

New York Dead

Stone Barrington found himself on the streets of New York in the dead of night, for reasons that seemed pure luck at first. Little did he know it would lead to him being thrust into a living hell – one involving television anchorwoman Sasha Nijinsky and an insidious web of crimes so unspeakable they defied description. Everywhere Stone turned, this twisted case followed close behind; despite his quick wit and intelligence, no amount of outsmarting could save him from its haunting grip as each day brought with it new levels horror hidden deep beneath ruinous secrets…and perhaps even death itself!


Amanda Dart, the notorious gossip columnista feared and despised by many for her unapologetically icy attitude, finds herself in a twisted-turn of events as someone begins faxing embarrassing details about her personal life to anyone with an inkling. In order to save face amongst society’s elite – from whom she exacts no mercy – Amanda must enlist Stone Barrington; not only New York City’s most astute legal mind but also its best private investigator if he can untangle this web shrouded in secrecy… because everyone is suspect when you are playing the game of tabloid journalism.

Dead in the Water

Stone Barrington jetted off to St. Marks, a picturesque Caribbean island nation for much needed vacation when the unexpected occurred: A stunningly beautiful young woman sailing into harbor unaccompanied – aboard an extravagant yacht! Authorities quickly zeroed in on her; particularly Sir Winston Sutherland from Ministry of Justice. Puzzlement ensued as understanding dawns that she wasn’t always solo sailor- her companion being none other than acclaimed writer and spouse who was no longer with her…

The First 15 Books by stuart woods in order - Summary
The First 15 Books by stuart woods in order – Summary

Swimming to Catalina

Stone Barrington thought his past with Arrington was long gone, until he got a surprise call from Vance Calder – Hollywood’s hottest star. What had started out as her happily ever after suddenly took an unexpected turn when she up and vanished without explanation. Now Stone has been recruited to use his detective skills in sunny California to unravel the mystery of what became of Arrington…

Worst Fears Realized

Stone Barrington had moved on, but a series of murders forces him to open his past and confront the darkest parts. With no clues nor direction to follow he must team up with an old friend, Dino Bacchetti – now head detective in the nineteenth precinct- who could help him uncover what lies beneath before it’s too late.

L.A. Dead

Stone’s romantic getaway to Venice with a mysterious Mafia Princess is suddenly interrupted when he receives an alarming phone call from Los Angeles. An infamous celebrity has been murdered, and Stone’s former flame desperately pleads for his help in solving the crime before it ruins her life forever. Determined not to lose all that he strives for – including this woman who still holds his heart – Stone must face nefarious threats of Hollywood as he plunges into finding the killer lurking in its shadows..

Cold Paradise

Stone was enjoying the luxuries of winter in Palm Beach when he made an unexpected discovery – someone he thought had died, Allison Manning, wasn’t only alive but wealthy. She desperately needed Stone’s aid to clear her name from charges of insurance fraud and shake off a relentless stalker. With countless suspects lurking about, including a mysterious writer and a sly ex-husband, this case would be anything but easy for Stone to solve.

The Short Forever

Stone, a man usually familiar with the lay of his land has found himself hired on by an unexpected client and in London. With confusion around every corner due to two or three mysterious murders and attention from past flames, Stone finds himself swirling down a chaotic rabbit hole as intelligence services involving multiple countries arise – leaving him with no choice but to hold tight for what he hopes is simply an invigorating ride rather than one that will leave him plummeting into peril.

The First 15 Books by stuart woods in order - Summary
The First 15 Books by stuart woods in order – Summary

Dirty Work

Stone Barrington was tasked with an intriguing mission: to uncover the truth behind a wealthy heiress’ suspect marriage. But when danger rears its head and a deadly outcome results, his investigation quickly spirals into chaos – leaving one person dead and another vanished without a trace.

Reckless Abandon

From a deadly stab wound to the heart of America, Holly Barker has followed Trini Rodriguez right into the middle of New York City. Little does she know that her foe is now part of an international scheme involving multiple government agencies and criminal organizations. After orchestrating one bombing too many using caskets for explosives, he’s been placed in witness protection by none other than FBI themselves–but his latest mission focuses on uncovering money laundering attempts from an Arab terrorist group with aid from mobsters! Can Barker survive this case or will justice take another form?

Two Dollar Bill

Stone and his ex-partner Dino were in for a shock when they encountered Billy Bob, the crafty Texan carrying an impressive bundle of rare two-dollar bills. Before long, fate intervened with gunfire; the duo found themselves offering their new acquaintance sanctuary – but not before regretting it almost immediately. When morning came around, Stone discovered that neither Billy Bob nor any money was to be seen – only clues scribbled on walls leading him into murky depths where he must dodge peril from all sides: a determined Federal prosecutor seeking justice, former flame stirring up dormant emotions as if nothing had changed between them since budding romance bloomed back then… and worst of all – murder trailing behind him like shadows under moonlight!

Dark Harbor

Stone Barrington’s peaceful meal at Elaine’s was unexpectedly disrupted by a call from the CIA with news of his estranged cousin, Dick Stone. To everyone’s horror and bewilderment, it appeared that Dick had brutally slain his entire family before taking his own life – or did he? An unnerving mystery has ensued as loved ones are left to grapple with this unthinkable tragedy.

Fresh Disasters

Stone Barrington’s night had been going perfectly until a figure from the wrong side of town strode into Elaine’s – it was Herbie Fisher, notorious con man and central player in New York’s dark underworld. Little did Stone know that saying yes to an offer of legal counsel would ignite what could be his most daring adventure yet. His beloved city harbored secrets more dangerous than he ever imagined as he found himself tangled up at the hands of powerful mobsters and criminal organizations.

Shoot Him If He Runs

President Will Lee had long believed that the rogue agent Teddy Fay, thought to have perished some time ago, was still out there somewhere. As such a dangerous fugitive with many secrets on his mind, it would take a special kind of mission — and an even more unique team — to bring him home once and for all. That’s exactly what he found when Stone Barrington teamed up with Holly Barker and Dino Bacchetti – setting off for the beautiful Caribbean island of St. Marks on behalf of their country as daring operatives in pursuit of this most mysterious man!

Hot Mahogany

When Lance Cabot, CIA boss and brother of Barton Cabot, discovers that his sibling has unknowingly been made vulnerable by a random act of violence – amnesia – he takes drastic measures to protect the state secrets buried in Barton’s memory. Risking national safety on the line, he turns to Stone Barrington as their guardian angel tasked with protecting both brotherly bonds and government security alike.

Conclusion: books by stuart woods in order

Stone Barrington, the beloved protagonist from books by Stuart Woods, has been on a wild ride since picking up his first case. From two-dollar bills to mobsters, Stone finds himself walking the line of danger and justice as he offers legal counsel to clients all across America and abroad. With books like Dark Harbor and Hot Mahogany, Stuart Woods has created an unforgettable series of books to be enjoyed by readers of all ages. So pick up any one of Stuart Woods books and join in the adventure – you won’t be disappointed!

FAQs: books by stuart woods

What is Stuart Woods next book?

Stone Barrington is back and heading straight into the line of fire! In this thrilling novel, Stone finds himself dodging danger as he attempts to thwart a devious criminal plot. It’s all or nothing in his fight against sinister forces…will he prevail?

What should I read if I like Stuart Woods?

If you are a fan of Stuart Woods’ works, why not try out some other thrilling authors too? Vince Flynn’s action-packed stories, Brad Thor’s intense espionage novels and the classic detective mysteries by Robert B. Parker could be just what you’re looking for!

Where can I buy books by Stuart Woods?

Get your hands on the latest thriller from Stuart Woods! Exciting tales of mystery and suspense await you with books available online at major retailers, such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Walmart – plus local bookstores for a truly unique shopping experience.

Are books by Stuart Woods suitable for children?

Stuart Woods’ novels are notorious for their adult themes and language. It’s important to know that these books may not be appropriate for children, so if you’re allowing them to read his works, it is wise to exercise caution and provide guidance!

What is Stuart Woods first book?

In March 1981, Woods’ debut novel Chiefs hit the shelves, marking the start of a bold and illustrious literary career.

What should I read after Stuart Woods?

For fans of Stuart Woods’ page-turning thrillers, picking up a book by Michael Connelly, Harlan Coben or David Baldacci is sure to provide an exciting escape into the world of mystery and suspense.

Which books by Stuart Woods are part of a series?

Stone Barrington is the main character in many books from the author, making up his eponymous series. Other books that form part of a series include the books in the Will Lee, Teddy Fay and Holly Barker series.

What is Stuart Woods most popular book?

Dark Harbor (A Stone Barrington Novel Book 60) is one of Stuart Woods’ most popular books. It follows Stone Barrington as he takes on a case involving powerful mobsters and criminal organizations.

What author writes similar to Stuart Woods?

Readers who enjoy books by Stuart Woods may also be interested in books by authors such as Lee Child, John Grisham and Joseph Finder.

What does Stuart Woods write about?

After his transatlantic race adventure, the next couple of years were spent in Georgia writing two books – Blue Water, Green Skipper which told a captivating story about Ireland and A Romantic’s Guide to the Country Inns of Britain and Ireland as an impromptu journey into exploring inns across Europe.

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