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For thousands of years, people have been captivated by the stories of Greek Mythology. From tales featuring powerful Olympian Gods such as Zeus and Athena to complex creatures like Pegasus and Chimera, these myths are full of drama, action, adventure — plus a bit of romance! The compelling storylines found in classical Ancient Greek literature have transcended time and inspired generations in our collective past and present. But aside from just reading about these incredible figures, why not become their active participant? With the ever popular resurgence (and with much thanks to Rick Riordan) for stories that include gods and goddesses set in contemporary settings, there’s no better way than to dive into some awesome books with Greek Mythology at its core — Guided journeys through fantastical realms await you!

Books With Greek Mythology – Introduce

Books With Greek Mythology - Introduce
Books With Greek Mythology – Introduce

Plunge into incredible tales of gods and goddesses with these thrilling books inspired by the classic Greek mythology! From fantastical fantasies to dark romances, there is something for everyone to explore. Learn more about popular myths or experience a unique retelling of your favourite deity – whichever you choose, be ready for an exciting journey in realms beyond our own!

Books With Greek Mythology – Summary

Books With Greek Mythology - Summary
Books With Greek Mythology – Summary

“The Odyssey” by Homer

“The Odyssey” is an awe-inspiring classic, telling the tale of Odysseus’ epic 10-year mission to return home after his war in Troy. With mythical gods and goddesses at play, this masterpiece recounts a daring adventure full of courageous battles, spellbinding Sirens songs and one man’s brave descent into Hades – all for the sake if reuniting with family!

“The Iliad” by Homer

Going back almost 3 millennia, Homer’s classic “The Iliad” tells the story of a timeless conflict and its consequences. Following up on his epic poem “The Odyssey”, this narrative takes us to an even earlier time; delving into the decade-long Trojan War that was sparked by one princely act of passion between kingdoms. With emotion running high amongst gods and mortals alike, it is full with violence as we are taken along for an unforgettable journey through what would form some of today’s most foundational stories in history!

“The Greek Myths” by Robert Graves

Robert Graves’ “The Greek Myths” is an enchanting voyage into the legendary world of ancient Greece. First published in 1955, it remains one of the premier references for exploring classical mythology through poetic retellings and curated stories from striking tales like Theseus and The Minotaur, to lesser known accounts such as Narcissus at Echo. Dive into thousands of years old histories that are guaranteed to captivate your imagination!

“Heroes, Gods and Monsters of the Greek Myths” by Bernard Evslin

A classic in its own right, Bernard Evslin’s “Heroes, Gods and Monsters of the Greek Myths” has been a popular introduction to classical literature for many years. With poetic stories that dramatize some of the most well-known tales such as the Labors of Heracles and Odysseus’ journey home it make for a compelling read – the perfect way to explore these classic stories for the first or hundredth time!”Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series” by Rick RiordanFor those seeking a more modern take on classical Greek mythology, look no further than Rick Riordan’s bestselling series “Percy Jackson and The Olympians”. Following the adventures of an average young hero, it is a thrilling ride through a fantastical world populated by centaurs, gods and monsters – all set within contemporary America!

“Mythology: Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes” by Edith Hamilton

Edith Hamilton’s “Mythology” is a timeless classic, marrying stunning visuals and captivating tales to create an enthralling read. With over 75 years of success since its publication in 1942, this beloved collection offers not just retellings but also insightful reflections on how Greek myths still shape our culture today. An ideal source for readers both old and new!

Books With Greek Mythology
Books With Greek Mythology

“Classical Mythology A to Z

Explore the rich, ancient myths of Greece through this comprehensive encyclopedia! Dive into over 700 characters from myth and legend with Annette Giesecke’s engaging insights and Jim Tierney’s vivid illustrations. Bring these classic tales to life like never before!

“D’Aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths”

Travel back in time to the mystifying world of Greek mythology with d’Aulaires’ classic, an enchanting collection for young readers. Read about all-powerful gods and goddesses as they clash titans and wage war between cities – a timeless tale that will spark your imagination! Enjoy simple stories brought to life through magnificent artwork from start to finish.

“Mythos” by Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry’s “Mythos” adds a unique flavor to the classic stories of Greek mythology. Through his signature wit and humor, he brings these tales back to life with a modern twist – perfect for those seeking an irreverent take on traditional myths. Enjoy the familiar characters and events that you know but rendered in a fresh new light!

“Troy” by Stephen Fry

Through his signature wit, Stephen Fry breathes life into the classic tale of Troy. An engrossing journey through ancient myths and history, “Troy” offers readers a unique look at the famed Trojan War told with comprehensive research yet uncomplicated for all to enjoy.

Books With Greek Mythology
Books With Greek Mythology

“A Thousand Ships” by Natalie Haynes

In this captivating novel, Natalie Haynes weaves a tale of vengeance and courage through the Trojan War. From the eyes of those within its walls, follow the story of Helen and her flight to Troy along with characters from both sides in this epic war. An innovative retelling that you won’t want to miss!”Gods and Robots” by Adrienne MayorAdrienne Mayor’s “Gods and Robots” delves into the incredible engineering feats of Ancient Greece, weaving together archaeological discoveries, early scientific records and classical mythology to explore how the ancients built powerful robots.

“Lore Olympus” by Rachel Smythe

In the mythical world of Olympus, an unexpected love story unfolds between Hades and Persephone. When they meet at a party their connection is undeniable – sparks fly! As Persephone embarks on her journey to discover this strange new culture, she also takes steps closer towards understanding who Hades really is. Will these two misfits find solace in each other’s arms or are there darker forces that threatens their budding romance?

“The Song of Achilles” by Madeline Miller

Achilles and Patroclus had an unlikely friendship – a powerful Greek warrior, and a young exiled prince. Despite this difference in their backgrounds, their bond was strong enough to endure even the chaos of war when they found themselves on opposing sides during the Trojan War. “The Song of Achilles” is a captivating story that follows these two characters through all manner of magical adventures as it explores themes such as loyalty, courage and love.

“Circe” by Madeline Miller

In this mesmerizing retelling of Greek mythology, Madeline Miller brings the character of Circe to life in all her complexity. Follow along as she defies her father, Zeus, and embarks on an epic journey full of monsters and gods that explore themes such as family, betrayal and revenge. With its captivating characters and vivid imagery, this novel is a must-read for all mythology fans. For centuries, readers have been captivated by the timeless tales of Greek mythology.

“The Lightning Thief” by Rick Riordan

Percy Jackson, the delightful and daring son of Poseidon, embarks on an incredible journey when he’s sent to Camp Half-Blood. Guided by mythical gods, Percy finds himself in a thrilling quest that takes him from his home all the way down to the Underworld – straight into an enchanting adventure!

“Medusa” by Jessie Burton

Uncover the secrets of Medusa with this captivating retelling from Jessie Burton. Follow her on a journey that brings to life the fierce yet misunderstood monster, taking readers through the tragedy of her loss and eventual transformation. With its unique perspective and vivid characters, this novel is sure to keep you enthralled! Books with Greek mythology can transport readers to a completely different world of gods and goddesses, heroes and villains. Get ready to explore these stories from a new light – one that is sure to captivate your imagination! Whether you’re looking for adventure, romance or just something fun to read, these books are sure to provide hours of entertainment.

“Daughters of Sparta” by Claire Heywood

Helen and Klytemnestra’s lives take a dramatic turn when they are separated as young princesses of Sparta, expecting to birth heirs for cruel, powerful husbands. “Daughters of Sparta” offers an unprecedented view into the legendary Siege of Troy from these sisters’ unique perspectives–an exploration that redefines our understanding about Helen ‘the face that launched a thousand ships’.

“Lore” by Alexandra Bracken

Lore is an intriguing fantasy novel where ordinary humans are blessed with a opportunity to hunt the gods and gain their strength. Every seven years, a competition known as “the Agon” takes place in which nine Greek deities have been transformed into mere mortals and must fight for their lives; Lore has managed to evade her pursuers until two participants come seeking help – now she must decide who will be entrusted with her destiny.

“Olympus, Texas” by Stacey Swann

Olympus, Texas, is an offbeat town full of mythical creatures and characters that have been forgotten by time. When Gwen discovers a mysterious artifact in the woods near her home, she embarks on a journey to uncover the secrets of her family’s past and discover their connection to the lost gods of Olympus. Through this quirky, fun, and entertaining story, readers will be taken on a journey of discovery that will have them laughing and believing in the impossible. Books with Greek mythology are sure to captivate readers with their unique blend of adventure, romance and fantasy. From classic stories to modern retellings, these books provide unparalleled entertainment for all ages!

“Secret of the Broken King” by Eliza Raine

Eliza Raine’s newest work, “Secret of the Broken King,” is a captivating tale that follows Almi as she battles to save her beloved sister. Exiled from Aquarius and faced with an impossible task – stop Poseidon’s sinister plan for revenge – this enemies-to-lovers fantasy romance will whisk you on a journey full of twists and turns that span both human lands and mythical realms. Can Almi overcome the odds stacked against her before it’s too late?

“Fifteen Dogs” by André Alexis

The clash of old and new was made tangible when two gods, Hermes and Apollo, decided to spark an interesting experiment by giving dogs staying overnight at a veterinary clinic human-like consciousness. What happened next would challenge the view that animals are simple creatures; these curious canines began exploring their newfound eloquence while uncertainly navigating this brave new world they suddenly found themselves in. As divine spectators gazed down from above, each pup moved closer towards understanding what it truly meant to be sentient beings in our complex universe.

“Ariadne” by Jennifer Saint

In this thrilling adventure, Ariadne must face an array of creatures and gods on her own journey to become a hero. With the help of her loyal friend Theseus, they will take on Minotaurs, Gods and Monsters alike in order to save their beloved kingdom. Along with an engaging plotline, “Ariadne” also provides readers with a unique twist on traditional Greek mythology that is sure to keep them hooked till the very end. From captivating stories to action-packed adventures, Books With Greek Mythology offer something for everyone.

“The Penelopiad” by Margaret Atwood

A timeless tale of love and loyalty, “The Penelopiad” brings a unique angle to Homer’s beloved classic. With an entrancing modern voice, readers are taken on an exploration through the history- changing events from Greek Mythology – this time focusing solely upon Penelope and her twelve maids’ perspectives that were previously overlooked. This touching read will leave you with renewed appreciation for the courage they showed in their extraordinary journeys

“The Silence of the Girls” by Pat Barker

Briseis, a proud queen suddenly thrust into servitude during the Trojan War, narrates this stirring modern-day novel that examines power and resilience. By retelling an ancient tale from her perspective as one of many forgotten women taken captive by victorious armies, Briseis gives voice to those whose stories have long gone untold – proving it is never too late for history’s wrongs to be righted.

“Starcrossed” by Josephine Angelini

Love, fate, and power collide in Starcrossed – a captivating young adult romance that blends together Greek mythology with the modern world. Helen Hamilton grew up on Nantucket trying to conceal her immense capabilities from prying eyes until an enigmatic family arrives bringing along secrets of their ancestry linked to fate’s ominous plan for Helen’s future. This heart rending story is full of mystery as two lives intertwine against the backdrop of mythical forces beyond anyone’s control.

Conclusion: books with greek mythology

Books With Greek Mythology provide a wealth of captivating stories that will take readers on an unforgettable journey. From love and friendship, to courage and resilience – these exceptional works of literature bring the ancient myths to life in extraordinary ways that can be enjoyed by all ages. So if you’re looking for an exciting escape from reality, then Books With Greek Mythology are sure to transport you to new heights of adventure.

FAQs: greek mythology books

What is the best book to read to learn about Greek mythology? 

Looking to dive into the world of Greek Mythology? Look no further than Homer’s Iliad, one of the most iconic works in literature. With Penguin Classics’ version you’ll gain insight from Bernard Knox – a renowned English Classicist and author – giving your exploration an even more enriching experience!

What Greek mythology book should I start with? 

The Iliad, an epic poem passed down over time and written by Homer in the 8th century BC., is celebrated worldwide for its beautiful storytelling. Translated into English by Robert Fagles in 1998, it has become a symbol of literary magnificence that spans generations – from their earliest roots to our modern world.

Does Harry Potter have Greek mythology? 

The beloved Harry Potter series has enthralled readers across the world, dipping into ancient Greek mythology to bring characters and themes alive. From mythological creatures like Hippogriffs, to stories of epic journeys – Rowling’s works draw heavily on classic tales that have been shared for centuries.

What genre is Greek mythology in books? 

Greek mythology is an influential and captivating branch of the classical tradition. It is a genre comprised of ancient tales that have been passed down through generations, filled with epic heroes, monsters and gods.

Where do I start if I want to get into Greek mythology? 

Unlock the secrets of ancient Greece! is your go-to portal for understanding this culture’s captivating deities and amazing myths – available as an app, YouTube channel or website with comprehensive information to explore. Dive deep into Zeus’ thunderbolts and Poseidon’s trident through videos on YouTube that bring these supernatural tales alive in a new way.

Is the Odyssey hard to read? 

Homer’s Odyssey is a classic epic poem beloved by readers around the world. Though it may be difficult to comprehend in its original Greek form, modern translations make this timeless work of literature more accessible than ever before – making Homer’s second major piece easier to understand even when compared with its renowned predecessor, The Iliad!

Is Greek easy to read? 

Learning Greek is no small feat- research has revealed that it takes even native speakers of Romance languages great effort and dedication to become fluent. As one of the most notoriously challenging European dialects, those brave enough to take on the ancient tongue will find themselves amply rewarded!

What are the 12 main Greek gods called? 

The ancient Greek pantheon of gods was a loud and lively group. It included the mighty Zeus, powerful Poseidon, wise Athena and mischievous Hermes to name just a few! Dionysus eventually joined their ranks on Mount Olympus as one of “the 12 Olympian Gods” – an impressive roster that has captured imaginations for centuries.

Is Percy Jackson based on Greek mythology? 

The Percy Jackson series has captivated audiences for over a decade, enchanting readers and moviegoers alike with the daring exploits of its protagonist. An homage to Greek mythology, this beloved youth fantasy franchise parallels many of the adventures that Perseus underwent in his own journey – an electrifying reminder that heroes come from all shapes and sizes!

What religion is Greek mythology? 

Hellenism, a practice focused on polytheistic and animistic worship, celebrates the divine in all forms. Followers revere Greek gods of Olympus along with divinities from nature and even their ancestors both living and beyond. An array of powerful entities is honored as devotees connect to ancient wisdom through song, hymns and offerings to these timeless beings.

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