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If you’re looking for an intense thrill ride full of intrigue and suspense, then the Mitch Rapp books in order is a great place to start. In this series, author Vince Flynn crafts a compelling story about CIA operative Mitch Rapp as he battles international terrorists and attempts to protect American citizens from danger. As someone who reads both fiction and non-fiction work on counterterrorism topics, I can attest that Flynn’s descriptions of covert operations are spot-on. Whether you’re an avid reader or just getting into the genre, the Mitch Rapp novels provide thrilling entertainment while also educating readers on top-level intelligence gathering techniques used in real life. With so many books already to choose from plus another one coming at the end of 2021 – it can be difficult to know what order do you read them in? That’s where this blog post comes in – we’ll take you through all 14 books in exact publication order so that no matter what your preferences may be, you’ll have everything neatly laid out for your reading enjoyment!

Who Is Mitch Rapp?

When tragedy struck, Mitch Rapp made the decision to respond with action instead of passivity. After his beloved fiance was brutally killed during a beach attack on vacation, he decided to become a vigilante – taking it upon himself to eliminate terrorist cells in America and beyond. His determination eventually caught the attention of a covert CIA black-ops counter-terrorism unit who then took him under their wing as one of their recruits.

How Many Books Has Mitch Rapp Written?

How Many Books Has Mitch Rapp Written?
How Many Books Has Mitch Rapp Written?

So far Mitch Rapp has written 14 books in total. They have been published in the following order:

1. American Assassin (2011)

2. Kill Shot (2012)

3. Transfer of Power (1999)

4. The Third Option (2000)

5. Separation of Power (2001)

6. Executive Power (2003)

7. Memorial Day (2004)

8. Consent to Kill (2005)

9. Act of Treason (2006)

10. Protect and Defend (2007)

11. Extreme Measures (2008)

12. Pursuit of Honor (2009)

13. The Survivor (2015),

14. Order To Kill (2016).

Should we read the Mitch Rapp books in order?

Yes, it is important to read the Mitch Rapp series in order. Each book builds upon the previous ones and Mitch’s character arc evolves with each installment. Additionally, various characters from earlier books make appearances later on in the series so reading them out of order can lead to some confusion as to who is who and what their relationships are.

Should we read the Mitch Rapp books in order?
Should we read the Mitch Rapp books in order?

Mitch Rapp Books In Order – Publication Order

Mitch Rapp Books In Order - Publication Order
Mitch Rapp Books In Order – Publication Order

Transfer of Power (1999)

In the inaugural novel of author Vince Flynn’s exciting Mitch Rapp series, Transfer of Power, our hero is already an established covert operative. When terrorists take over the White House and hold its inhabitants hostage in 1999 – with even the president hiding out in a secret bomb shelter – it falls to Rapp to coordinate Navy SEALs who storm through and liberate everyone before eliminating all adversaries abroad. In South America he tracks down and dispatches their ringleader for good measure!

The Third Option (2000)

Mitch Rapp’s latest mission to Germany takes an unexpected turn when he discovers a powerful ploy by D.C politicians aiming for their own benefits. After successfully completing the task at hand, devastating attempts are made on his and his girlfriend’s life as they fight against impending danger in this thrilling story of political warfare.

Separation of Power (2001)

In Separation of Power, Rapp must go on a mission to thwart the malevolent plans of Republican Senator Henry Clark. After discovering that it was he who orchestrated an assassination attempt against him, Rapp teams up with his superior Irene Kennedy in order to bring justice for all. In the end, despite facing insurmountable odds and dangerous consequences if caught by Clark’s henchmen – rapp manages to find a way out and deliver retribution upon Clark; making it look like sudden death from cardiac arrest.

Executive Power (2003)   

After being honored by the President, Mitch Rapp is forced to move away from his active lifestyle and behind a desk—but it doesn’t last long! In Vince Flynn’s fifth book, Executive Power, an urgent mission calls him back into action. Without hesitation he dons battle gear once again as he tracks down enemies both old and new – including a mole within US intelligence – while tackling radical Islamic terrorists who are intent on ambushing Navy SEALs in the Philippines.

Memorial Day (2004)

On Memorial Day, Mitch Rapp tackled an urgent mission to prevent tragedy from striking the US. Faced with a powerful Al Qaeda leader determined to bomb his homeland, he rose valiantly to the challenge and executed a daring plan: neutralizing those responsible for this heinous plot while safely detonating the explosive device and minimizing potential damage. Despite grave danger of failure in taking on such risk, Rapp persevered – ultimately safeguarding our nation’s security once again!

Consent to Kill (2005)

Revenge is sweet – and Mitch Rapp has the taste for it! After his beloved wife, Annie, falls victim to an assassins’ attack on their home orchestrated by a terrorist’s father with a $20 million bounty on Rapp’s head, he embarks upon a mission of retribution. With no boundaries set, thanks in part to some presidential leeway granted him along the way; this Memorial Day follow-up sees vengeance at its core as our elite operative takes out all those responsible and shows them there are consequences when you cross somebody like Mitch Rapp.

Act of Treason (2006)  

In Vince Flynn’s gripping seventh novel, Act of Treason, an explosive conspiracy threatens to ignite a political firestorm in Washington D.C., and only one man can put out the flames – Mitch Rapp. As powerful forces conspire against him from within the nation’s Capitol, Rapp must trust his instincts to uncover who is truly behind this deadly attack on our nation – for justice will rest solely upon his shoulders!

Protect and Defend (2007)

Mitch Rapp finds himself on a mission to protect and defend America in Vince Flynn’s eighth novel. Starting off with a daring mission to save the daughter of Saudi Arabia’s ambassador, Mitch must travel across the Middle East and into Europe as he unravels an even larger conspiracy involving Iran – all while avoiding capture at the hands of the enemy. With a race against time and lives on the line, Mitch Rapp throws himself in harms way to protect his country and its people from evil forces.

Extreme Measures (2008)   

When the CIA discovers that a devastating terrorist attack on US soil is being plotted, they call upon secret agent Mitch Rapp to protect his country. Working alongside protégé Mike Nash, their mission soon finds them up against both an enemy bent on destruction and government official determined to bring down not just these covert agents but also America’s own Central Intelligence Agency. But despite all odds thrown at them by powerful forces in Washington D.C., Rap and Nash refuse to be beaten – choosing instead bravely uphold patriotism and national security for their beloved homeland!

Pursuit of Honor (2009)   

Mitch Rapp and Mike Nash are on a mission to protect America from the terror of a radical Islamic sect. After tragic attacks leave many dead, President sends Mitch Rapp and his partner out to bring those responsible for justice – only things quickly take an unexpected turn when it’s revealed that terrorists have kidnapped Nash’s daughter. But this heroic duo don’t give up: putting their lives at stake they bravely follow the trail all way until ultimately rescuing her in dramatic fashion while ensuring that terrorists pay dearly.

American Assassin (2010)   

In Mitch Rapp’s latest mission, he must confront a mysterious organization that has infiltrated the US government with plans to wage nuclear war. With no way of knowing who can be trusted and enemies lurking around every corner, Mitch Rapp is forced to go deep undercover in order to stop their sinister plot before it’s too late – or risk America itself being destroyed forever.

Kill Shot (2012)   

Mitch Rapp is a master of covert operations, carrying out his own personal mission to rid the world of any and all who had involvement in the tragic bombing that took his beloved away from him. In Kill Shot, Mitch’s vengeance finds him on an assignment to Paris–his ultimate target: the Libyan oil minister. Despite taking extreme caution during this secret operation abroad, he quickly discovers he may be faced with more than just one enemy as international tensions start to flare over what was done in Europe by an American agent. Now operating alone against multiple foes both foreign and domestic alike will it finally catch up with our hero? Or can Mitch use every bit of cunning at disposal combined with bravery beyond measure to survive yet again?

The Last Man (2012)   

In Kill Shot, Mitch Rapp is a lethal agent out for revenge. After the bombing that took his beloved’s life and determined to find justice, he sets off on a mission of vengeance which eventually leads him to Paris and puts him in direct confrontation with Libya’s oil minister – who doesn’t survive their meeting. But in winning this battle, Rapp finds himself at risk from all directions; now it’s up to one man alone against formidable odds as he faces both enemies abroad and betrayal back home if America turns its back on its own hero!

The Survivor (2015)   

In Kill Shot, Mitch Rapp’s quiet vengeance mission for his slain girlfriend leads him to the bustling streets of Paris. There he finds himself tangled in an explosive international crisis after eliminating a Libyan oil minister – leaving borderless forces and top-tier politicians out for blood! With no support from U.S authorities exept the few friends he has left, will Mitch be able use all of his training to save himself or is this another loss too burdensome? The fate lies with one man: Agent Rapp on a sizzling journey through revenge & danger across foreign lands.

Order to Kill (2016)  

Mitch Rapp is back and this time he faces his greatest challenge yet – thwarting the nefarious plans of both Pakistan and Russia! Having moved on from ending a terror plot in The Survivor, Mitch now finds himself with an even bigger responsibility to prevent Pakistani nukes from falling into villainous hands. With the Russians seeking these weapons for their own malicious agenda, it falls upon him to protect nations against potential chaos in the Middle East…

Enemy of the State (2017)   

After a deep and solemn period of mourning in the wake of 9/11, an uneasy alliance is formed between America and Saudi Arabia. The agreement gets them what they both want- oil for the Saudis; control over potential terrorists inhabiting their lands by those across seas. However, when an alarming revelation surfaces that suggests one of its top princes has rekindled ties with terror groups once again, chaos ensues! Into this brewing war steps Mitch Rapp as he takes matters into his own hands to bring down these criminals – but little does he know that every move made will only cement him further as ‘Enemy Of Both Sides’ putting him at risk from all sides facilitating a manhunt determined to take no prisoners…

Red War (2018)   

Mitch Rapp is tasked with a daring mission: to take out the powerful Russian president, Maxim Krupin before his sinister plan for war in Europe can be set into motion. Despite learning that he has not been granted any reprieve from an incurable tumor, Krupin insists on clinging onto power by inciting chaos and destruction. In order to save millions of lives, Rapp must go above and beyond the call-of-duty when confronting this formidable adversary — but will it be enough?

Lethal Agent (2019)   

Mitch Rapp has been tasked with the dangerous mission of foiling Mullah Sayid Halabi’s calamitous plot to unleash a deadly virus in America utilizing Mexican drug cartels. To distract from his wicked plan, Halabi takes hostage an innocent French biologist and attempts to fool U.S. intelligence forces into believing it is only anthrax at play – but not if Rapp can help it! With strength and courage derived by making personal sacrifices for justice, Mitch overcomes daunting odds in order to save the nation from peril before succumbing himself as victory was finally achieved against this heinous scheme.

Total Power (2020)   

The world is in chaos, Mitch Rapp finds himself at the center of an international conspiracy and embroiled in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse with a powerful enemy who has been playing by unseen rules. From Washington to Moscow, Mitch must rely on his unique skill set and trust no one as he navigates the raging waters of political intrigue and espionage, in a desperate race against time to stop a madman from achieving ‘Total Power’. Mitch Rapp must act fast and stay one step ahead if he is to prevent the world from being plunged into darkness! Mitch Rapp’s series of books provide an exciting journey full of action-packed suspense.

Enemy at the Gates (2021)   

In these turbulent times, Mitch Rapp yearns for a quiet life with his family. However, the world’s richest man has other plans and enlists him to find an invaluable scientist working on a vaccine against the coronavirus pandemic. With President Anthony Cook’s policies becoming more extreme by the day, can Mitch set aside personal grievances while he battles CIA moles and enemy terrorists? In Enemy at The Gates Rap must overcome impossible odds as everything hangs in perilous balance!

Oath of Loyalty (2022)

In these turbulent times, Mitch Rapp yearns for a quiet life with his family. However, the world’s richest man has other plans and enlists him to find an invaluable scientist working on a vaccine against the coronavirus pandemic. With President Anthony Cook’s policies becoming more extreme by the day, can Mitch set aside personal grievances while he battles CIA moles and enemy terrorists? In Enemy at The Gates Rap must overcome impossible odds as everything hangs in perilous balance!

Conclusion: mitch rapp books in order

The mitch rapp books in order are: Red War (2018), Lethal Agent (2019), Total Power (2020), Enemy at the Gates (2021) and Oath of Loyalty (2022). Each book finds Rapp facing off against treacherous enemies, fighting for justice on a global scale. While he is always prepared to put his life on the line, his courage and resourcefulness help him triumph in the end. Fans of Mitch Rapp’s series can look forward to the upcoming installment, Oath of Loyalty which is set to be released in 2022.

FAQs: mitch rapp books

In what order should I read the Mitch Rapp series?

Mitch Rapp’s thrilling journey begins with Kill Shot and continues through Transfer of Power, The Third Option, and Separation of Power to an electrifying conclusion. Follow the action-packed exploits of one man as he defends freedom around the world in Vince Flynn’s acclaimed series!

What’s the latest Mitch Rapp book? 

Mitch Rapp’s loyalty is pushed to the ultimate test when he faces a sinister and formidable opponent in this edge-of-your seat thriller. Can Rapp summon the courage, strength and tenacity necessary to prevail against all odds?

How many Vince Flynn books did Mitch Rapp write? 

Get ready to dive into the thrilling world of Mitch Rapp – a CIA clandestine operative and adrenaline junkie who captivates readers in this 21 book series written by Vince Flynn. Follow along as Rapp fearlessly navigates challenges, makes tough decisions, and risks his life for greater good all while taking you on an action-packed journey from beginning to end!

How old was Vince Flynn when he died?

A literary titan, 47-year old Vince Flynn sadly passed away after a valiant battle with prostate cancer. His works have become cultural touchstones for millions worldwide – 15 million copies of his 14 books have been sold in the US alone!

Is there a Mitch Rapp series? 

Mitch Rapp is a daring and courageous protagonist, entertaining audiences in the pages of Vince Flynn’s best-selling novels as well as on the silver screen. Despite his creator’s passing in 2013, Mitch lives on through Kyle Mills’ continuing adventures – thrilling readers with classics that pay tribute to Flynn’s legacy.

Do you need to read Mitch Rapp in order? 

Experience the thrilling ride of Mitch Rapp in Vince Flynn’s captivating series! A true rollercoaster adventure, this story comes to life when enjoyed chronologically – an exciting journey full of suspense and espionage that any lover of literature should not miss out on.

Does Mitch Rapp marry Anna? 

After a whirlwind romance, Mitch and Anna finally took the plunge into marital bliss in Executive Power. The couple’s journey to “till death do us part” left readers eagerly anticipating what was next for them!

Does Mitch Rapp have a love interest? 

Greta’s daring romance with Mitch Rapp has captivated audiences in the hit films American Assassin and Kill Shot, leaving viewers entranced by their wild ride of adventure.

How tall is Mitch Rapp? 

Mitch Rapp is a force to be reckoned with, standing at an impressive 6-6’1″ and maintaining an athletic figure of 185-190 pounds. His olive skin sets off his almost black eyes and jet black hair, adding to the undeniable aura that he brings since his days as an All American Lacrosse player.

How old is Mitch Rapp in the movie? 

In The Last Man, Mitch Rapp is closer to the middle of his life than its beginnings. We discover in Memorial Day that Irene Kennedy has an eight-year advantage on him; she’s already left her early forties behind while he is just entering them.

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