The Dresden Files Book Order – Recommended List

Are you looking for a great book series to dive into? The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher is an urban fantasy novel series that follows the story of professional wizard Harry Dresden and his adventures in defending humanity against paranormal threats. With fifteen books and counting, it’s no surprise that readers have been asking: what is the correct order to read these books in? This blog post will answer your questions, offering up everything from a chronological listing to tips on how best to experience all of this enthralling world has offer. So if you’re ready take part in the magical mysteries awaiting within The Dresden Files Book Order, then let’s get started!

What is The Dresden Files?

Jim Butcher’s acclaimed book series, The Dresden Files, was borne out of a dare with a professor who believed her cookie-cutter writing methods could never produce anything publishable. Instead of disproving her theory Jim took the challenge and crafted his spellbinding story about Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden – Chicago’s one and only wizard P.I.. With over 20 books planned for this captivating series readers can look forward to more curious cases that will have them turning pages until dawn!

What is The Dresden Files?
What is The Dresden Files?

What is the Dresden Files series about?

What is the Dresden Files series about?
What is the Dresden Files series about?

It’s time to step into the supernatural with The Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher! In this urban fantasy saga, Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden is Chicago’s only Wizard P.I., taking jobs from both humans and creatures of the night alike in order to protect his city and its people. Vampires, demons, werewolves – you name it; they’re all there! You can experience these adventures through audiobooks narrated by James Marsters (from Buffy The Vampire Slayer) or on a short-lived TV show aired in 2007 on SciFi channel. Whichever way you choose one thing is certain: things just got magical at 926 W Clark St!

The Dresden Files book order – Only the novels

The Dresden Files book order - Only the novels
The Dresden Files book order – Only the novels

Storm Front 

Struggling financially, Harry Dresden finds a potential lifeline in the form of consulting on an exceedingly dark double murder. But soon enough he discovers just how deep this case runs – and that someone with knowledge of black magic is responsible for these heinous acts. Unbeknownst to him, his probing has drawn attention from some rather dangerous forces; it appears they now know who he is…

Fool Moon 

With nothing to his name, Harry’s future looked bleak – until a mysterious murder provided him the opportunity for work. But this job was dangerous – it seemed almost supernatural in nature. An inexplicable corpse featuring strange markings and led by an ominous full moon: all signs pointing towards magic as their culprit; but will delving into its depths be enough to keep Harry alive?

Grave Peril 

Chicago has been plunged into supernatural chaos, with hapless victims stalked by violent and deadly ghosts. Someone–or something–has stirred up these spectral forces for mysterious reasons, many of which appear to be related to Harry. If he doesn’t uncover the truth soon, it might just cost him dearly… as one more ghost wandering its haunted streets!

Summer Knight

Harry has been stuck in a perpetual streak of bad luck, so when the Winter Queen of Faerie presents him with an opportunity to break free from his faerie godmother’s control and finally find some peace, he ready for action. Tasked with solving the murder mystery behind death of the Summer Knight—the right-hand man to no less than their Majestry, The Summer Queen–Harry embarks on a thrilling journey full of surprises that could potentially change his life forever.

Death Masks 

Harry Desden’s life is a roller coaster of chaos – one moment things are going great, the next he finds himself in an impossible situation. In no time flat, Harry has had to fight for his own survival against ruthless vampires and hit men; deal with cross-continental crime involving relics such as the Shroud of Turin; and confront unresolved feelings from long ago when his old flame returns needing help managing her uncertain half-vampire state. It seems every day brings yet another challenge…and let’s be honest: it feels like some days just aren’t worth waking up for!

Blood Rites 

Harry Dresden has been asked to uncover a dusty, dark secret lurking within the sprawling set of an adult film. But his most intriguing discovery is one much closer to home – Thomas, the indiscreet vampire acquaintance he knew all along. Taking on this bizarre mystery out of loyalty quickly turns sour when women around him start dying in terrifyingly creative ways; now it’s up Harry to break the sinister curse before anyone else gets hurt!

Dead Beat 

Karrin Murphy, head of S.I and beloved friend to Harry Dresden, faces an impossible situation – a vengeful vampire is blackmailing her unless Harry can acquire the mysterious Word of Kemmler – said to carry immense power – before six ruthless necromancers beat him to it! With time running out on Halloween night in Chicago, only one thing stands between saving Karrin’s reputation and certain doom: uncovering this mythical relic that could wake the dead…

Proven Guilty 

Harry, an experienced wizard appointed by the White Council as a Warden, is thrust into action when he must investigate mysterious reports of black magic in the bustling Windy City. His investigation takes on new urgency after his old friend’s daughter appears with horrific injuries that may be connected to supernatural assailants lurking closeby. Now it falls upon Harry and some unlikely allies – his faithful canine companion, plus Bob the talking skull – to venture forth and battle whatever dark forces are at work in Chicago!

White Night 

In the city’s shadowy supernatural underworld, a menacing force is at work. Members of its powerless underclass are disappearing and others tragically taking their own lives – all linked by an elusive killer leaving strange calling cards targeting Harry Dresden. But as he starts to unravel this sinister plot, disturbing evidence begins pointing him towards one suspect: his shocking half-brother Thomas. Can Harry uncover the truth before it’s too late?

Small Favor

The long-fought battle between the White Council and vampiric Red Court is waning, leaving Wizard Harry Dresden with a few moments of peace. However, this respite from chaos doesn’t last when Mab, ruler of Sidhe Winter Court calls in an old favor owed to her by Harry – one that will test his power and loyalties like never before as he finds himself caught between two opposing forces.

Turn Coat

Harry Dresden has a formidable enemy in Morgan, a veteran Warden who is willing to risk everything– freedom and even his own life—to clear his name of the murder he was wrongly accused of. It’s up to Harry as an ally that backs those with no other support or hope, to find out how deep this corruption within the Council runs; one wrong move can prove costly for everyone involved. With stakes so high and justice on their side, will they be able secure what once seemed impossible?


Years ago, Susan Rodriguez and Harry Dresden shared a passionate love affair—but it wasn’t meant to last. After disappearing to South America in search of respite from her troubled past, she’s now suddenly back under dire circumstances; the vengeful Duchess is intent on unearthing a secret that even Harry doesn’t know about his former flame. To save her fate as well as their relationship, he must come forward with aid before things become too late for Susan.

Side Jobs 

Dive into a world of vibrant imaginations with this captivating compilation of stories. Uncover hidden secrets and explore new possibilities in these tales woven together by talented minds!

Ghost Story 

After Harry Dresden is shot in the chest and left for dead, his life takes a drastic turn. Caught between this world and the next, he discovers that those closest to him are in danger unless he can find out who pulled the trigger – all while avoiding shadowy creatures controlled by an evil force with one goal: make sure Harry’s pain continues even beyond death. Now our hero must employ every bit of cunning at his disposal if there’s any hope of emerging victorious…but forever becoming just another lost soul lingers as an ever-present threat.

Cold Days 

Harry Dresden has been chosen to bear the honor of Winter Knight by Mab, Queen of Air and Darkness. But sudden servitude isn’t all she’s bestowing; her first demand is for him to slay an immortal being. To make matters worse, a looming danger threatens to unleash unfathomable magic that could spell certain death for millions – it falls on Harry now more than ever before to assemble his allies in order save humanity from annihilation…and reclaim his own freedom from everlasting subjugation as payment!

Skin Game 

To pay off a debt, Mab set Harry on an impossible mission to help break into the seemingly impenetrable vault of Hades. With his most loathed enemy Nicodemus Archleone at its helm, it seemed certain that failure would be inevitable- after all how could you escape unscathed from such a feat? Yet despite insurmountable odds and against all expectations, something will have to change for survival…in this epic battle between life and death.

Peace Talks 

Harry Dresden, the only professional wizard residing in Chicago, is summoned to join a powerful group of global supernatural nations to ensure diplomatic negotiations regarding ongoing hostility remain civil. Unbeknownst to him however lies an even greater challenge: Corruption and political machinations that could potentially destroy his beloved home city – unless he manages to defeat it first!

Battle Ground 

Harry has faced terrible odds before. He has a long history of fighting enemies above his weight class. But this time it’s different. A being more powerful and dangerous on an order of magnitude beyond what the world has seen in a millennium is coming. And she’s bringing an army.

The Dresden Files book order – short stories and comic books

  1. “Restoration of Faith”
  2. Welcome to the Jungle
  3. Storm Front
  4. Fool Moon
  5. Ghoul, Goblin
  6. “B is for Bigfoot”
  7. Grave Peril
  8. Summer Knight
  9. Death Masks
  10. “A Vignette”
  11. Blood Rites
  12. Dead Beat
  13. “I Was a Teenage Bigfoot”
  14. “Something Borrowed”
  15. Proven Guilty
  16. White Night
  17. Down Town
  18. “It’s My Birthday Too”
  19. “Heorot”
  20. Wild Card
  21. Mike
  22. Small Favor
  23. “Day Off”
  24. “Backup”
  25. “The Warrior”
  26. “Curses”
  27. “AAAA Wizardry”
  28. “Last Call”
  29. Dog Men
  30. Turn Coat
  31. War Cry
  32. Journal
  33. “Bigfoot on Campus”
  34. “Even Hand”
  35. “Love Hurts”
  36. Changes
  37. Goodbye
  38. “Aftermath”
  39. Ghost Story
  40. “Bombshells”
  41. Cold Days
  42. “Cold Case”
  43. Skin Game
  44. “Monsters”
  45. “Job Placement”
  46. “Everything the Light Touches”
  47. “Jury Duty”
  48. “Day One”
  49. “A Fistful of Warlocks”
  50. “Zoo Day”
  51. Peace Talks
  52. Battle Ground
  53. “Little Things”
  54. Christmas Eve
  55. The Good People
  56. The Law

Conclusion: the dresden files book order

The Dresden Files book order is the perfect way to explore the magical world of Harry Dresden. From the breathtaking battle scenes in War Cry and the difficult diplomatic negotiations in Peace Talks, to the hair-raising horror of Ghost Story and the sinister plot behind Skin Game – the stories are woven together seamlessly and keep readers on the edge of their seat. With the Dresden Files book order, the tales of Harry Dresden remain alive and accessible for all to enjoy.

FAQs: dresden files book 

How many books will be in the Dresden Files series?

Following 17 captivating novels, the Dresden Files universe continues to grow with a plethora of short stories. Fans can explore Jim Butcher’s beloved world further through Side Jobs and Brief Cases – two collections that contain enthralling tales from this imaginative realm.

Is the Dresden Files book series finished?

Fans of The Dresden Files will be delighted to hear that this beloved series is far from over! With a total of 25 books in the pipeline, including an epic trilogy as its grand finale, readers have much more magical and thrilling action-packed adventures with Harry Dresden yet to come.

Will there be another Dresden Files book in 2022?

Mark your calendars! On July 5th, Dresden fans can experience a brand new novella narrated by none other than Harry himself. Set after the thrilling Battle Ground events and inspired by Chicago’s fight for justice, Jim Butcher takes us on another exciting adventure to protect some of its most vulnerable citizens – in court. Get ready for an exclusive Audible treat from one of modern fantasy’s biggest stars!

What age group is The Dresden Files books for?

The Dresden Files is not for the faint of heart – between ghastly creatures and dark story lines, such as child abduction or possessed teachers, even mature tweens should approach with caution. For those brave enough to venture forth into this supernatural world they will be faced with an unnerving sight: characters who willingly strip their victims down to bone in a blink of an eye!

What is book 11 of The Dresden Files?

With its debut at the top of the New York Times Best Seller list for hardcover fiction, Jim Butcher’s Turn Coat marks a thrilling escalation in The Dresden Files. Wizard detective Harry Dresden heads into danger once again with this 11th installment to unpack new mysteries and face off against foes as powerful as ever!

Is Jim Butcher still writing The Dresden Files?

Jim Butcher’s literature is a captivating mix of fantasy and reality. He has written two series, The Dresden Files – still ongoing – as well as the six-novel Codex Alera saga. But he doesn’t limit himself to those genres; in 2006 he crafted an unforgettable Spider-Man novel called The Darkest Hours that left readers craving more!

Will Dresden Files ever return?

Twelve years have passed since the show’s finale, and its stars have gone on to work on various new endeavors. While a reunion of sorts could be fun for fans, time has taken its toll–making it difficult to rekindle that same spark they once shared so many moons ago.

What comes after death masks in The Dresden Files?

Get ready to delve into the mysterious world of Jim Butcher’s 2003 novel, Death Masks. Follow Harry Dresden on his fifth thrilling journey in The Dresden Files as he confronts a powerful artifact sought after by dark forces from beyond!

Are Dresden Files Stand Alone?

Take an incredible journey with Jim Butcher’s beloved character Harry Dresden and explore a fascinating, magical world. Start off by reading the first two books in order to introduce yourself to both protagonist and setting; after that, delve deeper into multiple story arcs as Butcher builds them up over time!

Can you read Dresden files in any order?

Embark on an epic 15-novel journey through the world of The Dresden Files with its thrilling supernatural adventures. Start your magical quest at the beginning, traveling in publication order which also follows a chronological timeline.

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