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James Patterson is one of the best-selling authors in the world and his books have captivated readers across all genders, ages and cultures. With almost 300 novels under his belt, it can be difficult to decide which James Patterson novel you should read first – or which ones you should go back and reread! Whether you’re a die-hard mystery buff who loves the twists and turns of Alex Cross’s adventures or an avid reader of romance who finds solace in those heartwarming stories about love, there are plenty of James Patterson books for everyone. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of best james patterson books – from crime thrillers to romantic comedies – so that you can find your James Patterson book match made in heaven!

Overview About James Patterson

James Patterson, the famous detective writer hailing from Newburgh, NY has made a name for himself as one of the world’s bestselling authors. His most beloved creations include Alex Cross series, Women’s Murder Club, Michael Bennett and more – all have been number-one bestsellers on The New York Times list! Not only that but his books range across age groups; he wants to prove there is no such thing as someone who doesn’t enjoy reading – simply people who haven’t found their perfect book yet.

What Order Should You Read James Patterson Books?

James Patterson has revolutionized the reading world – to date, his books have sold over 300 million copies and he was one of the first authors to sell 1 Million E-books. He believes that everyone loves a good story, no matter their age or interests; something which is evident in his donations of over a million books to schoolchildren plus $40million towards education initiatives worldwide! His Alex Cross crime fiction series follows an intrepid homicide detective who solves cases across America and guarantees excitement with every page turn. Whether you’re starting your journey through James’ work today or are already familiar with some of them – they each promise energised characters case files loaded with suspenseful twists!

What Order Should You Read James Patterson Books?
What Order Should You Read James Patterson Books?

Best James Patterson Books Series: Thrillers

Fans of crime thrillers flock to James Patterson’s works; it’s no wonder why his novels in this genre have become some of the most popular and beloved around. Whether he writes them solo or collaborates with other acclaimed authors, readers are sure to get caught up in a suspenseful mystery that will keep them on their toes until its captivating conclusion. If you want thrills, chills and edge-of-your seat excitement then be sure to check out one (or more!) of these gripping series by James Patterson!

Best James Patterson Books Series: Thrillers
Best James Patterson Books Series: Thrillers

Along Came A Spider (Alex Cross, #1)

If you’re contemplating whether to read James Patterson, this book is a fine start, although this series is extensive.

Alex Cross is a well-known James Patterson character. Alex Cross is a smart investigator chasing Gary Soneji, a clever serial killer the police can’t subdue. Alex, along with Secret Service boss Jezzie Flannagan, solves murder cases.

NYPD Red (NYPD Red, #1)

NYPD Red is an exceptional STF.

This squad was formed by the Mayor of New York to safeguard Manhattan’s important and wealthy.

Detective Zach Jordan and his fiance Detective Kylie Robertson of the special unit investigate the poisoned death of a prominent producer. Zach and Kylie’s instructions are to stand at nothing to apprehend the murderer, but it’s harder than expected.

Zach and Kylie have unmistakable dynamics.

Never Never (Detective Harriet Blue, #1) with Candice Fox

Harriet Blue is sent to Perth, Western Australia, away from the news media after her brother’s murder arrest. She investigates missing mining employees with Detective Whittacker.

Must-read for Candice Fox fans! Patterson’s brief chapters complement Fox’s portrayal of Harry. Harry evokes Women’s Murder Club’s Lindsay Boxer.

Step on a Crack (Michael Bennet, #1) with Michael Ledwidge

Here comes Detective Michael Bennet’s most demanding case: a hostage-taking situation during the burial of a former First Lady puts the lives of important and powerful individuals in peril. His cancer-stricken wife is likewise counting her days.

1st to Die (Women’s Murder Club, #1)

Four ladies create the Women’s Murder Club to solve the killings of newlyweds.

In this series, each woman’s expertise will determine her function. Four ladies work together to solve crimes.

Each book has its unique case, but knowing the others will help you enjoy it more.

Zoo (Zoo, #1) with Michael Ledwidge

Jackson Oz, as young scientist, wants to show something is amiss. He leaves graduate school to gather attack data. Why all these behaviors? Can he persuade the world before additional attacks? Or is it far late to protect humans?

This is Patterson’s simplest idea, and he and Michael Ledwidge made it relevant. This has less suspense than his previous pieces. If you don’t like animal-on-human attacks, don’t read this book.

Best James Patterson Books: Stand-Alone Novels

For readers looking for something fresh and unique, James Patterson’s wide array of stand-alone masterpieces offer the perfect escape. From thrilling crime stories to riveting adventure novels, these one-of-a kind tales are sure to keep you captivated from beginning to end.

Best James Patterson Books: Stand-Alone Novels
Best James Patterson Books: Stand-Alone Novels

The Thomas Berryman Number

Ochs Jones investigates the murder of Jimmie Lee. After learning about two previous deaths, he’s determined to catch the perpetrator.

Assassin Thomas Berryman numbers his kills. Can Jones catch the assassin?

Read James Patterson’s debut novel. It shows Patterson’s early writing style already when he switched to short chapters.

The First Lady by James Patterson & Brendan DuBois

Harrison Tucker will likely be re-elected in a few weeks. The reporters captured him leaving an Atlanta restaurant with Tammy Doyle. His reputation collapsed once his affair was revealed. His electoral triumph is threatened.

Meanwhile, Grace Tucker has vanished. Agent Sally Grisson is charged with finding the First Lady, whose absence was more than simply her getting away from her adulterous husband. Sally wants to discover and protect the First Lady.

Woman of God by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro

Bridgit Fitzgerald has endured much. Former doctor-turned-priest, she might be the future pope. How will she sway church critics?

It was my error not to anticipate anything different from James Patterson. The premise was fascinating, but I believe a second book would have better justified its developments.

The Inn by James Patterson and Candice Fox

After the tragic passing of his wife, former detective Bill Robinson leaves it all behind and settles into a bed-and-breakfast to start anew. But peace is shortlived as he quickly finds himself at odds with Mitchell Cline, a drug lord who has been wreaking havoc in the area. To overcome this heinous enemy and protect what’s left of his life, Bill must join forces with those living under him – long time tenants of the inn. In August 2018 James Patterson released yet another thrilling novel that explores how one man can battle back against overwhelming evil when pushed past breaking point.

The Murder House by James Patterson and David Ellis

The narrative is about a multimillion-dollar oceanfront property in Hamptons and a series of homicides in this Murder House, as locals call it.

Former NYPD policeman Jenna Murphy returns to Hampton after many years and is given a job by the Chief of Police and her uncle. Here, she investigates the Murder House and suspect Noah Walker. Jenna wants to unravel the murders’ riddle.

The President is Missing by James Patterson and Bill Clinton

Are you ready to experience a heart-stopping thriller? Written by James Patterson and former US President Bill Clinton, this political novel follows the story of President Jonathan Duncan as he finds himself embroiled in cyberterrorism allegations. With his impeachment looming ahead, this intense narrative takes readers on an adrenaline-filled journey full of twists and turns – one that will keep them guessing until they reach its shocking conclusion!

Best James Patterson Books: Young Adult and Romance Novels

Uncover more of James Patterson’s writing with this list of romantic and young adult novels. From tear-jerking comedies to suspenseful page turners, the award winning author will have something for everyone!

The Angel Experiment (Maximum Ride, #1)

Six genetically modified (half-human, half-avian) youngsters strive to escape from School.

Max leads the group via her critical examination of their circumstances. She’s strong-willed and edgy. As they flee, they strive to uncover the School’s secret and their identities.

The Dangerous Days of Daniel X (Daniel X, #1) with Michael Ledwidge

Daniel X creates. Daniel X learnt to live when his parents were slaughtered in front of him. His mysterious powers help him find his parents’ murderers. Now he searches The List for the murderer.

Confessions of a Murder Suspect (Confessions, #1) with Maxine Paetro

Sixteen-year-old Tandy Angel has led a charmed life. Growing up in an affluent family surrounded by overachieving brothers and being celebrated for her own accomplishments was the norm until tragedy struck down her parents through mysterious circumstances. With no one else to blame, suspicion falls on the siblings – including Tandy herself – and she must venture into uncharted familial waters as she delves into their dark past with revelations that could bring justice or ruin them all forever.

Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas

Katie Wilkinson, a publisher’s editor, is dating novelist and poet Matthew Harrison. Matthew departs just when she thought things were going well.

Katie finds Suzanne’s journal. She reads the journal with anguish, hoping to discover whether you still have a possibility.

Sam’s Letter to Jennifer

Jennifer’s grandmother’s illness follows two straight losses. She gets a call and returns to her grandmother’s house in her hometown. She finds letters recounting her grandmother Sam’s love story.

Conclusion: Best James Patterson Books Series – Discountbiblebook

Whether you are looking for an intense thriller, a gripping young adult novel, or a romantic drama, James Patterson has got something for everyone. Whether he is collaborating with other authors like Bill Clinton or writing standalone novels, his books are always entertaining and full of unexpected twists and turns. If you are a fan of Patterson’s work, be sure to check out these other great titles from this talented author. I hope you enjoy reading best james patterson books them!

FAQs: best james patterson books

What is the best James Patterson book to start with?

Along Came a Spider is the first novel in Patterson’s addicting Alex Cross series. This compelling and twisting thriller is a great introduction to his work.

What is James Patterson’s best selling book?

Jam-packed with suspense and thrill, it’s no wonder “Along Came a Spider” has taken Goodreads members by storm! This classic mystery novel is the first book in James Patterson’s iconic “Alex Cross” series – adding up to an astonishing 28 books (with another on its way!). It looks like Alex Cross fans have plenty of whodunits to keep them hooked for years to come.

Who is the #1 best selling author James Patterson?

He was the first individual to sell 1 million u t. Patterson was Forbes’ highest-paid author in 2016 at $95 million.

Why is James Patterson so popular?

James Patterson is recognized as one of world’s best prolific and successful fiction writers owing to his fast-paced style, genre-spanning work, and marketing skill as a marketing executive.

What is James Patterson best known for?

With over 300 million books sold worldwide, James Patterson has quickly become one of the world’s most beloved authors. His work features exciting tales starring characters like Alex Cross and Michael Bennett as well as inspiring nonfiction works such as Walk in My Combat Boots and E.R., providing readers with a captivating mix of thrilling fiction and real-life stories.

Does James Patterson use ghostwriters?

Patterson gets narrative ideas from ghostwriters. If you buy a James Patterson novel, it sounds like him. His words match his books.

What author is comparable to James Patterson?

Michael Connelly and James Patterson are two titans of the thriller genre – so much alike, yet still quite distinct. Michael has crafted an incredibly popular series featuring detective Harry Bosch that rivals some of Patterson’s best work. Fans flock to both authors in droves, often trying out one writer after immersing themselves into the world created by another. In short? These men write thrilling suspense stories you won’t want to put down!

Is James Patterson a billionaire?

With a whopping estimated net worth of $560 Million, James Patterson is the third wealthiest author in modern times. His jaw-dropping fortune has solidified him as one of the most successful storytellers ever!

How many times James Patterson rejected?

Thomas Berryman 31 publisher rejections. Patterson’s debut book in his super Alex Cross series was rejected by 31 publishers.

What is James Patterson’s best-selling book?

“Along Came a Spider” has almost 400,000 Goodreads ratings. This is the first “Alex Cross” mystery book of 28

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