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Louise Penny is one of the most beloved and award-winning authors of our time. Her captivating heartache mysteries have delighted readers since 2004 and have spanned many different genres. From police procedurals to psychological thrillers to historical fiction, she has crafted page turners that keep us all hooked from cover to cover. With an impressive catalog of bestsellers under her belt, it’s sometimes tough for fans to know where best to start their journey through Louise Penny’s incredible work– so we’ve provided a guide helping you keep track and easily read Books By Louise Penny In Order!

Who is Louise Penny?

Louise presently lives outside of Montréal, Québec, and was born in Ontario, Canada. Penny spent 18 years as a journalist and radio personality again for Canadian Broadcasting Corporation before she started writing. She didn’t start writing really until she reached her forties, when his husband Michael persuaded her to do so.

Since the release of her first book, Still Life, in 2005, Penny has garnered various accolades for her writing. She has received the Anthony Award for Best Novel of the Year in 2010–2013 in addition to the Agatha Award for Best Mystery Novel of the Year for four years in a row (2007–2010).

Books By Louise Penny In Order

Books By Louise Penny In Order
Books By Louise Penny In Order

Still Life

Although this was Books By Louise Penny In Order’s first novel to be published, it placed second in its inaugural contest. The Sûreté du Québec’s Monsieur L’Inspecteur Armand Gamache is introduced in the novel.

The narrative has intriguing characters in addition to Gamache, such as Jane and her niece Yolande, Gabri, and Olivier.

A Fatal Grace

Chief Inspector Armand Gamache of the Sûreté du Québec was tasked with uncovering a mystery that left all eyes in Three Pines wide. CC de Poitiers, an unpleasant figure to most and reviled by many, had been shockingly electrocuted on the frozen lake while watchers gathered for their annual curling tournament – yet no one saw anything suspicious! Unraveling this strange case would require uncommon brilliance or downright madness; Gamache’s investigation aimed to find out which it truly was.

The Cruelest Month

Books By Louise Penny In Order
Books By Louise Penny In Order

This time, we revisit the third entry in the Chief Inspector Gamache Mysteries. It’s springtime, and there’s been another bizarre incident in Three Pines, so the brilliant Chief Inspector Armand Gamache and his squad must investigate.

There are two sides to this narrative as well: Chief Inspector Armand Gamache’s workplace problems and his efforts to solve the murder by unraveling the tangled web of ties in the community.

A Rule Against Murder

This summer, Inspector Gamache and Reine-Marie have returned to the beautiful Manoir Bellechasse as they celebrate their wedding anniversary. Little do they know that another family is also here – the Finney’s are holding a reunion in this luxurious hotel close to Three Pines. However, beneath all these festivities lies an impending mystery; someone from this well respected bunch will soon perish under unknown circumstances!

The Brutal Telling

Fifth in the series, and as you may have guessed, it takes place in the town of Three Pines.

Detectives led by Chief Inspector Armand Gamache are investigating the murder of an unknown guy who was discovered at a cafe. During their inquiry, they find several rare artifacts belonging to the deceased guy at a cabin in the woods.

First edition volumes and European artifacts that vanished after WWII are among the antiques under question.

Bury Your Dead

During a winter celebration in Québec City, Chief Inspector Armand Gamache is looking to escape the after-effects of his last investigation. But even here at the Literary and Historical Society, he finds himself face-to-face with tragedy when an historian’s search for Samuel de Champlain’s remains turns deadly. Could something hidden away since 1635 be so horrifying that it would drive someone to commit murder?

Books By Louise Penny In Order
Books By Louise Penny In Order

A Trick of the Light

As Lillian Dyson carefully noted in a book, “Hearts are broken” and relationships sweetly drift away – but now her very own life has been tragically cut short. Found dead among the lush vegetation of Clara Morrow’s garden, this shocking event brings Chief Inspector Gamache to Three Pines; here he will uncover an intricate web of emotions where nothing is as it appears beneath its deceptively calm surface. The art world itself gathers at Montréal’s Musée for Clara Morrow’s solo show amid these turbulent times…but what mysteries will be revealed?

The Beautiful Mystery

Saint-Gilbert-Entre-les-Loups is a cloistered monastic community in the wilds of Québec, inhabited by twenty-four monks who keep strictly to themselves. Despite taking a vow of complete silence, the brothers are known across the globe for their magnificent singing. It has such a powerful influence on both the singer and the listener that it has earned the moniker “the beautiful mystery.”

How the Light Gets In

Chief Inspector Armand Gamache is feeling far from festive during the winter season. While everyone around him enjoys holiday gatherings, his Homicide Department’s walls seem to close in ever tighter with dwindling numbers of friends and an increasing array of foes. When a mysterious murder case lands on his desk involving five estranged celebrity quintuplets- now reduced to one elderly survivor – he discovers that Louise Penny has crafted yet another gripping novel full of complex emotions begging for resolution.

Books By Louise Penny In Order
Books By Louise Penny In Order

The Long Way Home

Homicide, has finally found the tranquility he had been searching for in retirement in the little town of Three Pines. Summertime finds him reading The Balm in Gilead on a park seat.

According to the book’s dust cover, his next-door neighbor, Clara Morrow, “reads to the injured that there is a salve in Gilead to make them whole.”

Clara informs Gamache about her injuries and the balm she used, but he remains silent. The artist spouse, Peter, has yet to return. Not showing up on the initial anniversary of their breakup as planned. So that she might locate him, she has sought Gamache’s assistance.

The Nature of the Beast

Young Laurent Lepage’s wild imagination was widely known, as it seemed like not a single day went by without the nine-year-old spouting off new tales of fantastical creatures and events. Little did anyone realize how close to reality his stories were until he disappeared one day – sparking an urgent search for both him and any truth behind what could possibly be real about all those farfetched accounts. But what they discovered deep in the forest set things into motion that ultimately revealed dark secrets from long ago, culminating with murder being done amidst age old betrayal.

A Great Reckoning

At first glance, the complex ancient map that was discovered crammed inside the walls of a Three Pines cafe seemed to be nothing more than a fascination. However, the more in-depth the locals investigate, the more bizarre everything becomes.

Given to Armand Gamache on his first day of work, the map leads him to explosive revelations that change his life forever. Respectfully, to a longtime companion and formidable foe. Ex-Homicide Chief for the Quebec Sûreté says it takes him to areas he doesn’t want to go. But has to.

Glass Houses

Armand Gamache and the other villagers in Three Pines are mystified at first when they see a mystery person walking through the town on a chilly day in November. Then be cautious. The figure does not move at all as it is standing there and gazing straight ahead.

As soon as the shadow of the monster casts itself over the town, Gamache, who is now the Chief Superintendent of the Quebec Provincial Police, has a sneaking suspicion that it has murky origins and sinister intentions. But he doesn’t take any action.

What options does he have? Just keep watch and be patient. And we can only pray that his growing concerns won’t be realized.

Kingdom of the Blind

A strange missive brings Armand Gamache, a retired chief of the Sûreté du Québec, to an abandoned farmhouse. The letter reveals that he has been chosen as one of three executors for the will of someone none had met – and joining him were Myrna Landers from Three Pines, and a young builder. With curiosity piqued by this perplexing affair while on suspension, Gamache accepted the role with intrigue.

A Better Man

On his first day as the head of a new homicide department, Chief Inspector Gamache encountered more than he bargained for. The province was in turmoil due to rising floodwaters and one desperate father who implored him to find his missing daughter – an urgent task that seemed increasingly out of reach with each passing second. Yet despite all odds, understanding how much another parent’s pain could resemble his own made it impossible for Gamache not to take on this mission with tenacity.

All the Devils Are Here

The first night the Gamache family spends in Paris, they all get together for supper at a local café, where they are joined by Armand’s godfather, the wealthy Stephen Horowitz. As they make their way home after their lunch, Gamache witnesses in horror when Stephen is thrown to the ground and seriously wounded in what he understands to be no accident but rather a premeditated attempt on the life of the old man.

The Madness of Crowds

As the wintery backdrop of Three Pines brings festive cheer, Chief Inspector Armand Gamache is disturbed by an unexpected request. Tasked with providing security for a seemingly innocuous lecture at the nearby university given by Professor Abigail Robinson it soon becomes evident that something more sinister lurks beneath this surface innocence. With his experienced eye and instincts honed from years on force, Gamache discovers an agenda so repulsive he must do what’s right to protect those in danger despite personal consequence – truly showing him as both hero and protector come New Year celebrations!

Conclusion: Books By Louise Penny In Order – Books In Order

With its engaging plot, chilling twists, and intricate characters, Books By Louise Penny In Order are a compelling read for fans of mystery and suspense. Whether you’re looking for pulse-pounding action or dark intrigue, these books will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. So if you’re looking for an exhilarating reading of books, seek books by the deadly perpetrators to a slew of revelations, you’ve come to the right place.

FAQs: books by louise penny in order

What is the best Louise Penny book to start with?

Still Life, which was written by Louise Penny and debuted as the first book in her Gamache series, got off to an impressive beginning. The author’s first book is widely regarded as one of Louise Penny’s finest works, and it was honored with a number of literary prizes when it was published. The tranquil community of Three Pines may be found tucked away in the dense foliage of Quebec, Canada.

How Many Louise Penny Inspector Gamache Books Are There?’

With 17 books already published, mystery-lovers around the world are eagerly awaiting their 18th dose of intrigue in the renowned Inspector Gamache series.

In What Order Should I Read Louise Penny Books?

In the world of Chief Inspector Gamache, there are mysteries that must be solved and books to read in a specific order. Follow him on his journey through Still Life, A Fatal Grace/Dead Cold, The Cruelest Month; he’ll search for answers at A Rule Against Murder/The Murder Stone before uncovering secrets uncovered with The Brutal Telling. Next comes Bury Your Dead – is justice served? Then answer questions posed by conflicting forces when experiencing A Trick Of The Light as you explore How The Light Gets In. Read your way into understanding within works like:

The Long Way Home , Kingdom Of Blinds and All devils Are Here while craving more knowledge found between chapters of Glass Houses & 18 State of Terror! Finally wrap things up with an unraveled mystery from start-to-finish alongside grisly thrills contained in both Nature Of Beast and Big Reckoning until finally discovering how it all ends with “A Better Man” solving what’s hidden inside “A World of Curiosities”.

Who writes like Louise Penny?

If you can’t get enough of books by Louise Penny and are on the hunt for more books like hers, look no further than other popular mystery authors like Tana French, Minette Walters, and P.D. James.

What should I read if I love Louise Penny?

If you’re a fan of books by Louise Penny and enjoy an engaging, twist-packed mystery that keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish, then try books by Tana French or Minette Walters. These authors are known for their nail-biting suspense, complex characters, and clever plots.

What is the latest Louise Penny mystery?

The latest books by Louise Penny are The Long Way Home, Kingdom of the Blind, and All the Devils Are Here. In these thrilling books, Inspector Gamache continues his quest to unravel dark mysteries in a picturesque Canadian town.

What is the plot of A Trick of the light?

When the Sûreté du Québec’s senior murder investigator, Chief Inspector Gamache, is sent to the sleepy Quebec town, he discovers an artistic gathering that brings with it a world of subtlety and contrast. Where appearances may be deceiving. There is a sneer hidden behind everyone’s grin.

Is there an order to reading Louise Penny books?

Does it matter what sequence you read the books in? The thing is, it’s not really necessary. Each novel may be read independently of the others in the series, and new readers won’t have any trouble understanding concepts introduced in earlier novels.

Will there be a book 18 of Inspector Gamache?

This is the eighteenth installment in Louise Penny’s critically acclaimed series featuring Chief Inspector Armand Gamache.

Should Inspector Gamache be read in order?

Is there any significance to the sequence in which the novels are read? OK, so it’s not absolutely necessary. Every novel in the series may be read independently of the others, and new readers won’t have any trouble understanding concepts introduced in earlier volumes.

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