Books by Penelope douglas. Powerful author’s unique storytelling ability

If you are looking for an exciting story filled with passion, drama, and suspense, then you should take a look at the captivating books by Penelope Douglas. Her riveting series of romance novels have been described as “compelling” and “unputdownable”, thrilling readers around the world with tales of forbidden love and complex situations. From cruel teachers to sizzling proposals, these stories will keep you guessing until the final page. With characters that readers can relate to and scenarios so realistic they almost feel like true stories, it’s easy to understand why Penelope Douglas is widely acclaimed for her writing style. No matter which book title you pick up first – Fallen Too Far or Bully – you’ll be sure to get lost in this powerful author’s unique storytelling ability!

Books by Penelope douglas. Discover the novels of author Penelope Douglas, including her latest release and upcoming projects.

Books by Penelope douglas.
Books by Penelope douglas.

Who is Penelope douglas

Penelope Douglas is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance. She first came to the public’s attention with her novel, Bully, released in 2014. Since then she’s written several novels in the same genre, such as Corrupt and Aflame. Her latest book, Until You Fall, was released in 2020.

Douglas has captivated readers with her unique stories and strong protagonists. She draws on real life experiences to bring her characters to life, creating an emotional connection between them and the reader. Her books often explore themes of loyalty, love, loss, and identity.

Books by Penelope douglas

Are often filled with intense and passionate romance, as well as a captivating story.


Douglas is popular among fans of the genre for her realistic characters and heartfelt stories. Her books have been praised for their vivid descriptions, complex storylines, and honest portrayals of relationships. Her writing style brings readers on an emotional journey full of twists and turns.


If you’re looking for a romantic read with a bit of edge, then Penelope Douglas is the author for you. Pick up one of her books today, and let yourself be transported into her captivating world of love and adventure. You won’t be disappointed!

Best Penelope Douglas Books

1. Punk 57

Published in 2016, this Goodreads Choice nominee follows Misha and Ryen, who were set up as pen pals by their teacher back in fifth grade. They formed an intense bond, but there are a few essential rules to their friendship: no social media, no phone numbers, and no pictures.

When Misha accidentally comes across a profile of a girl named Ryen online, Misha immediately knows it’s his friend.

He needs to meet her, but he never expected to hate what he found. When Misha suddenly stops writing, Ryen is left to wonder what happened to her friend and their deal that had worked so well for years.

2. Bully

Tate was once best friends with the boy next door, Jared. But that all changed the summer before high school, after Jared returned home from a trip to visit his father.

Jared became the worst part of Tate’s day, and she can’t understand why. He turns her into a social pariah and causes her misery.

But after spending a year in France, Tate returns home finally feeling stronger—and Jared, without explanation, suddenly seems like the boy she used to know, treating her with care and tenderness. Who is the real Jared, and can Tate ever trust him again?

3. Birthday Girl

When 19-year-old Jourdan moves in with her boyfriend and his father, sparks immediately fly between her and her 38-year-old host.

They both know they shouldn’t feel the way they do, but every day proves a struggle to follow the rules and resist this taboo temptation.

3. Birthday Girl
3. Birthday Girl

4. Corrupt

Erika Fane has always been both terrified and mesmerized by her ex-boyfriend’s older brother, Michael. She knows he’s done bad things, but she can’t stop watching him. She thinks he’s never noticed her.

But it turns out Michael was watching her too. And what she also doesn’t know is that he blames her for sending three of his friends to prison three years ago, and now that they’re out, he’s determined to make every one of her nightmares come true.

5. Credence

Tiernan has always lived a privileged life, but not one of love. When both of her wealthy parents die, her father’s stepbrother assumes guardianship of her, since she is still two months shy of 18.

Tiernan goes to live with him and his two sons in the mountains of Colorado, and as the three men teach her how to work and survive, she realizes that lines blur and rules become easy to break when no one else is watching.

6. Until You

Until You is Jared’s perspective of the events from Bully. Jared explains things from his point of view, including why he felt betrayed by Tate when he returned home from a visit to his father.

When Tate comes home from her year abroad, Jared doesn’t recognize the girl who pushes back, and he’s not sure either of them will ever be the same.

7. Hideaway

This continuation of Corrupt follow Kai and his friends, who are determined to find Damon because he poses a threat to Rika.

While visiting Damon’s father, the friends come across Banks. Banks and Kai have history—six years ago, Kai witnessed a very possessive Damon. Banks might just prove to be the leverage they need.

8. Kill Switch

The third book in the Devil’s Night series (following Corrupt and Hideaway), this book picks up three years after Winter sent Damon to prison.

Now Damon is out, and he’s had plenty of time to plot his revenge. But Kill Switch sees Damon transform from a clear villain in previous books to a complicated antihero.

9. Rival

Rival follows two supporting characters from Bully and Until You: Madoc and Fallon, two step-siblings who push the boundaries between hate and love.

Fallon went away to boarding school for two years, but now she’s back, and the two have a lot of unfinished business, including betrayal and a strong desire for revenge.

9. Rival
9. Rival

10. Falling Away

Falling Away also follows recurring characters from Bully and Until You. In this book, K.C. (Tate’s backstabbing best friend) finds the worst kind of temptation next door in Jax (Jared’s younger brother).

Jax hasn’t forgotten K.C., the only girl to ever tell him no. When fate brings her back into his life, what he thinks is a great twist of luck turns out to be too close for comfort.

Conclusion: Books by Penelope douglas

Are the perfect way to escape into a world of drama and romance. From forbidden love to revenge plots, secrets and lies come to life in Penelope Douglas’s compelling stories. Follow familiar characters from Bully, Until You, Corrupt and Hideaway as they struggle with temptation, betrayal and identity.

FAQ: Books by Penelope douglas

What order should I read Penelope Douglas books?

The order of the books by Penelope Douglas is Bully, Until You, Corrupt, Hideaway, Kill Switch, Rival and Falling Away.

What genres are Penelope Douglas’s Books?

Penelope Douglas’s books are romance novels with elements of drama and suspense.

What themes does Penelope Douglas’s writing explore?

Penelope Douglas’s books explore themes such as forbidden love, revenge, secrets and identity.

Where can I find Penelope Douglas’s Books?

Penelope Douglas’s books are available on a number of online retailers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. They can also be found in many bookstores.

What is the latest Penelope Douglas book?

The latest Penelope Douglas book is Falling Away, released in 2018. It follows K.C., a recurring character from Bully and Until You and Jax, Jared’s younger brother. The two come face-to-face with temptation and betrayal.

What type of books does Penelope Douglas write?

Penelope Douglas writes romance novels with elements of drama and suspense. Her books feature strong themes, compelling characters and unexpected twists. They explore the complexities of relationships, family dynamics and identity. Whether it’s forbidden love or revenge plots, Penelope Douglas’s stories bring her readers into a world full of passion and adventure.

What should I read if I like Penelope Douglas?

If you like the writing of Penelope Douglas, you may also enjoy novels by authors such as Abbi Glines, Colleen Hoover and Jamie McGuire. These authors explore similar themes in their own unique styles. You can find their books online or at bookstores near you. Happy reading!

What is Penelope Douglas known for?

Penelope Douglas is known for her series of romance novels featuring complex characters and unexpected twists. Her most popular works include the Devil’s Night series, comprised of Corrupt, Hideaway, Kill Switch and Rival, as well as Bully and Until You. She is also the author of Falling Away.

What order should I read the fall away series?

The order for the Fall Away series is Bully, Until You, Corrupt, Hideaway, Kill Switch, Rival and Falling Away. Each book follows a different character’s story and should be read in order to fully understand the plotlines. They can all be found online or at your local bookstore.

In what order should I read the Devil’s Night series?

The order for the Devil’s Night series is Corrupt, Hideaway, Kill Switch and Rival. Each book follows a different character’s story and should be read in order to fully understand the plotlines. They can all be found online or at your local bookstore. Enjoy!

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