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If you’re looking for an immersing reading experience, perhaps one that takes you on a journey full of suspense and intrigue, then the books authored by Elizabeth George may be just what you need. As an author of over twenty-three thrilling tales (including bestsellers such as A Great Deliverance and Deception on His Mind), there is plenty to explore when it comes to her stories. Are you interested in perusing them but not sure where to begin? Not to worry! Below we take a look at Elizabeth George’s books in chronological order so that can start your literary adventure with ease!

Who is Elizabeth George?

Elizabeth George is a renowned author of mystery and suspense novels who is noted for her insightful characterization, interesting plots, and gripping dialogue. Her numerous international bestsellers have been adapted into multiple TV shows, such as In the Presence of the Enemy and A Suitable Vengeance. She has also written over twelve crime novels in her Inspector Lynley series, which follows the life of Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley and his partner, Sergeant Barbara Havers.

Elizabeth George Books in Order: Inspector Lynley Series

If you’re a newcomer to the world of Inspector Lynley, then reading them in publication order is your best bet. But if you’ve already explored this mystery-filled series and are looking for something fresh, there’s another way to read these books – start with A Suitable Vengeance which serves as an intriguing prequel – perfect for getting reacquainted with classic characters from previous novels! Then continue on through the rest of this captivating collection which continues in chronologically ordered suspense and intrigue.

Elizabeth George Books in Order: Inspector Lynley Series
Elizabeth George Books in Order: Inspector Lynley Series

A Great Deliverance (1988)

In the picturesque village of Keldale, situated amidst rolling hills in North Yorkshire Moors, tragedy struck when beloved farmer William Teys was found beheaded in his weathered old stone barn. Shocking all who witnessed it: Roberta Teys sat before her father’s body looking serene and calm with an axe at her side – a silent confession to what appeared to have been a particularly gruesome crime. Her conviction that she had done right left no doubt as she spoke without remorse for the deed.

Payment in Blood (1989)

In the hardly-walked grounds of a stately manor in Scotland, mysterious death has struck down popular playwright Joy Sinclair. It’s up to peer Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley and his partner Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers to get justice by cracking this case that trails from celebrity actress to theatrical producer – but it may put them face-to-face with Lady Helen Clyde, who just happens be someone special for DI Lynley himself. Unsolved mysteries swirl around an 18 inch dirk as these two sleuth out the truth on a quest set deep among chilly Highland hillsides.

Elizabeth George Books in Order
Elizabeth George Books in Order

Well-Schooled in Murder (1990)

The tranquil village of Withyham, England is in an uproar when the body of a young girl washes up on the banks of a local river. Her identity as one of their own sparks fear and outrage among residents – but DI Lynley and Havers have every intent to find out who caused this death and why.

A Suitable Vengeance (1991)

As a prequel to the Inspector Lynley series, A Suitable Vengeance introduces readers to young Thomas Lynley as he arrives in London from his posh upbringing in Cornwall. When Helen Clyde – with her aristocratic background and penchant for getting into trouble.

For the Sake of Elena (1992)

Raised by a single mother with no father in sight, Elena Weaver was determined to make something of herself. Despite her physical handicap – being deaf since birth – she made it into St. Stephen’s College Cambridge and pursued the life that was always meant for her; one of daring ambition and beauty. Her success did not go unnoticed though: through his searching gaze Anthony Weaver, an influential professor at the university who had abandoned Elena when just five years old, wanted redemption from their broken relationship whilst Justine (his second wife) harbored unspoken resentment towards this young woman taking away part of what belonged only to them as a family unit…before tragedy struck on that foggy morning where innocence ended abruptly among miles-long cobbled streets ‌and darkened forests never before treaded upon until then…

Elizabeth George Books in Order
Elizabeth George Books in Order

Missing Joseph (1992)

Simon and Deborah St. James had high hopes for a fresh start when they journeyed to Winslough in search of the vicar, whom Deborah fondly remembered as being wise and compassionate. To their dismay though, upon arriving at the village it becomes apparent that Vicar Robin Sage has been felled by an unfortunate accident – he’s died from poisonous causes!

Playing for the Ashes (1993)

When Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley and his partner Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers investigate the case of a seemingly senseless murder, they are unwillingly drawn into the dangerous world of cricket betting. In search for answers, they follow the trail to Lord Asherton’s estate, home of an unruly cricket team led by none other than the feared Captain Skinner. But as they delve deeper into the case, a more sinister truth is revealed and soon their investigation leads them to a tangled web of secrets and lies…

In the Presence of the Enemy (1996)

Dennis Luxford, the renowned tabloid editor, faces a grave dilemma: if he wants to save his daughter from certain death at the hands of her kidnapper, then he must admit publicly that Charlotte Bowen is actually his child. However doing so will inevitably force him to confront not just one hard truth – but two; for revealing Charlotte’s paternity means exposing himself as having maintained an elaborate deception over 10 long years both towards his wife and beloved son.

Deception on His Mind (1997)

When an affluent immigrant is found dead with his neck broken on the beach of a seemingly idyllic coastal town, Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers faces her toughest challenge yet. With tensions rising as racial riots break out and no partner to help uncover the truth, she must bravely take it upon herself to delve into what lurks in the heart of a killer before this small community descends further into chaos.

In Pursuit of the Proper Sinner (1999)

When two bodies are discovered in a shallow grave, DI Thomas Lynley and DS Barbara Havers must work together to uncover the identity of the killer. As they delve deeper into this twisted tale of deceit, infidelity and revenge, they soon find themselves in pursuit of “the proper sinner” – a criminal so cruel that even seasoned detectives are taken aback by their ruthlessness. With the help of a few unlikely allies, can they manage to put an end to this murderous rampage before someone else falls victim?

A Traitor to Memory (2001)

On a miserable night in London, Eugenie Davies meets her tragic end when she is struck by a car on the street. Her last moments are witnessed by an unknown man whom she had come to meet and all evidence suggests that it was no accident. As if this wasn’t enough of an enigma for one life, another strange detail emerges- recently her 28 year old estranged son suddenly lost his renowned violin playing abilities without explanation; could these two events be linked?

A Place of Hiding (2003)

Guy Brouard, a wealthy fixture of Guernsey’s landscape for years and provider to many through his philanthropy, was shockingly found dead on an isolated beach. He had been working diligently to commemorate the brave souls who resisted German occupation during World War II with plans for a museum. But could it be that someone closer to home may have had motive? Could jealous wives or business rivals stir up enough resentment against him so they would take such drastic measures? And even some those he made efforts reach out and help were not beyond suspicion – did any of them harbor hidden resentments due perhaps in part from Mr. Brouard’s current mistress relationship as well?

With No One as Witness (2005)

When the body of a young woman is found savagely murdered in London’s Notting Hill, it is up to Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley and Sergeant Barbara Havers to unravel the truth behind her untimely death. Following leads that take them deep into London’s criminal underworld and ultimately back to an isolated village in Wales.

What Came Before He Shot Her (2006)

Scotland Yard was plunged into shock as the news of Inspector Thomas Lynley’s wife’s death spread. Astonishingly, it turns out that a twelve-year-old boy pulled the trigger – but this tragedy had its roots in North Kensington where three children with no family to call their own were moved from relative to relative.

Careless in Red (2008)

Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley is on a mission to uncover the truth behind the murder of a local recluse. As the case takes him from London’s posh Belgravia to Cornwall’s picturesque coastline, he discovers a web of secrets and lies that could lead to more than one killer – but who?

Elizabeth George Books in Order: Whidbey Island Saga

  1. The Edge of Nowhere (2012)
  2. The Edge of the Water (2014)
  3. The Edge of the Shadows (2015)
  4. The Edge of the Light (2016)

Elizabeth George Books in Order: Non-Fiction

  1. Write Away: One Novelist’s Approach to Fiction and the Writing Life (2004)
  2. Mastering the Process (2020)

Elizabeth George Books in Order: Anthologies

  1. Sisters in Crime 2 (1990)
  2. Crime from the Mind of a Woman (2001)
  3. A Moment on the Edge: 100 Years of Crime Stories by Women (2001)
  4. Two of the Deadliest (2009)
  5. Hotel Angeline (2011)

Elizabeth George Books in Order: Short Story Collections

  1. The Evidence Exposed (1999)
  2. I, Richard (2001)

Conclusion: Elizabeth George Books In Order List

No matter which Elizabeth George book you choose, you are sure to be taken on a thrilling adventure. Whether it’s one of her Inspector Lynley mysteries, the Whidbey Island Saga or one of her non-fiction works, Elizabeth George promises readers an unforgettable journey with each and every book. With such a wide variety of genres available, there is something for everyone to enjoy. So if you’re looking for a good read, look no further than Elizabeth George’s impressive body of work. You won’t be disappointed!

Happy Reading!

FAQs: elizabeth george books in order

What order should I read Elizabeth George books?

There is no definitive order to read Elizabeth George books, as her work spans a variety of genres. However, the Inspector Lynley mysteries are the most popular and are usually read in numerical order. The Whidbey Island Saga can also be read in chronological order, with the first book being “The Edge of Nowhere” (2012).

Where can I find Elizabeth George books?

Elizabeth George’s books are widely available online via book retailers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble, as well as in physical stores. Additionally, many of her titles are also available as ebooks.

Is there a new Elizabeth George book?

Elizabeth George, the talented mystery writer from Seattle, has just released her latest thriller – “Something To Hide”. Join us in uncovering its suspenseful secrets!

Is Elizabeth George still writing books?

With her nose to the grindstone working on a new novel for young adults, Elizabeth George couldn’t help but think about what might come next in her beloved Lynnley series. Last fall she took off like a literary gumshoe and jetted across both London and Cornwall in search of story inspiration. Her sleuthing mission was an adventure not soon forgotten!

How many Inspector Lynley mysteries are there?

Inspector Lynley Mysteries is a thrilling British crime drama series that aired on BBC One from 2001 to 2008, captivating viewers with its six action-packed seasons and 24 riveting episodes.

Is A Suitable Vengeance a prequel?

For fans of the Inspector Lynley series, A Suitable Vengeance is a must-read prequel! Discover how this acclaimed detective came to be before immersing yourself in his first case with A Great Deliverance. The order matters – start with vengeance for the full experience!

Does Inspector Lynley marry Havers in the books?

Nothing is more heartwarming than a love story that stands the test of time. After an epic courtship, Lynley and his beloved fiancée tied the knot at the end of “In The Presence Of The Enemy” (1996), only for us to discover in subsequent novels how their romance would continue on its thrilling journey!

Is Elizabeth George still alive?

Elizabeth George is a celebrated author whose works have been adapted into numerous TV productions by the BBC, and enjoyed throughout both Britain and America. Currently residing in Seattle, Washington she also has her own London flat – perfect for when frequent trips to England are necessary!

How old is author Elizabeth George?

Elizabeth George is 68 years old, born in 1951. She has been writing since she was a young girl and publishing since she was twenty-three when her first novel, “A Great Deliverance” (1988) became an international bestseller.

Where did Elizabeth George live?

San Francisco

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