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If you’re someone who loves to read, then you’ve likely heard of Jack Carr Books In Order. His suspenseful stories are filled with layered characters, intense action and moral dilemmas. From his debut book The Terminal List to his follow-up The Devil’s Hand, these thrillers have captivated readers everywhere and made him an international bestseller. If you want to experience the full scope of Carr’s storytelling talent, reading them in chronological order is your best bet for a truly immersive journey into each novel. Here’s our guide on all things Jack Carr: learn about the books from Release Order and Chronological Order plus get related reads that expand your knowledge and appreciation for this incredible series!

Who is Jack Carr?

When researching Jack Carr, you’ll learn that he served in several capacities with the United States Navy SEALs during the course of his 20-year career. There are many different types of military leadership positions, such as seal sniper, marksman team captain, attack team leader, platoon leader, troop commander, and mission unit commander.

During WWII, he lost his grandpa. As a result, Carr knew from a young age that he, too, would join the military as his grandpa had. When he was seven years old, he learned about the Navy SEALs and made up his mind that he would one day join.

How Many Books Has Jack Carr Written?

As of now, Carr has published three books in total. The first book, released on January 30th 2018, is called The Terminal List. It tells the story of a former Navy SEAL named Porter Nash who embarks on a relentless quest to exact revenge against those he holds responsible for destroying his life and family.

The second book, titled The Devil’s Surge, was published on May 29th 2018. In this novel, Carr takes readers back to the series’ roots with a thrilling tale of revenge that asks the question—what is justice, and at what cost?

Finally, his third book The Terminal List Two is set for release later in 2019.

How Many Books Has Jack Carr Written?
How Many Books Has Jack Carr Written?

If you’re looking for more books like Jack Carr’s, you may also want to check out these thrillers that explore the complexities of military life and honor:

– Steve Berry’s Cotton Malone series

– Brad Thor’s Scot Harvick novels

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Whether you’re a fan of action-packed military thrillers or looking for books that explore the depths of the human condition, Jack Carr’s novels are sure to captivate your imagination and keep you on the edge of your seat!

What is the Best Jack Carr Book?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as each of Jack Carr Books In Order offers a unique and thrilling experience. Some readers may prefer the intense action and moral dilemmas of The Terminal List, while others may appreciate the focus on complex characters in The Devil’s Surge.

What is the Best Jack Carr Book?
What is the Best Jack Carr Book?

Jack Carr Books in Order

Jack Carr gives readers an inside look at the life of a contemporary special operations soldier. In his work, he applies a time-honored standard of justice to the complex international situation of the present. Carr incorporates the thrills and chills of actual battle into his political novels.

Despite being a relatively young writer, Jack Carr has quickly established himself as the go-to expert on dark human nature via his gripping political thrillers. He achieves this with an understanding of both the ugliness of war and the resilience of the human will.

Jack Carr Books in Order
Jack Carr Books in Order

Terminal List

After tragically losing his team and family to the government’s insidious plot, Lieutenant Commander James Reece forsakes all established rules of engagement in pursuit of justice. Propelled by rage and vengeance, he launches a relentless manhunt against those responsible — some even former employers or countrymen. Jack Carr understands this well; having served as an elite Navy SEAL himself, he appreciates why there may be similarities between him and Reece despite their worlds being mostly apart now – yet one thing that binds them is their shared unbridled determination for retribution.

Savage Son

James Reece got diagnosed with cerebral cancer in the previous book, and this sequel picks up with him in Montana while he recovers from surgery.

But there are already forces at work against him, and they’d be delighted to be seeing him dead.

A traitor and also the Russian mafia seem to have an unholy alliance and are making preparations to eliminate the former Marine SEAL sniper.

At a time when Reece believed he could begin putting his life back together, he instead found himself having to summon his inner strength to fend off the Russian mafia’s attempts to have him killed.

You can tell that Jack Carr’s thrillers, and this one in particular, are grounded in reality because to the author’s background as a naval commander and two decades of experience.

The Devil’s Hand

The conflict in The Devil’s Hand occurs in the United States, where the war on terrorism is being waged. Twenty years have elapsed after 9/11, in 2021. But although they may have been quiet for a while, the opponent has been busy studying, changing tactics, and planning new strikes.

The leader of a failing superpower that is also America’s nemesis is plotting America’s demise in the east.

Instead of using hijacked aircraft, the adversary plans to use a clandestine micro, and it is on to James Reece to locate the source of this virus and avert the lives of tens of thousands of of Americans.

In The Blood

When James Reece saw an old acquaintance on the news, amongst a list of victims from a missile attack in Burkina Faso – he knew something was wrong. In Jack Carr’s latest novel, we follow our protagonist as he investigates deep into Africa to get justice for his friend’s untimely death. With gripping and thrilling action scenes that come straight off the pages of Carr’s time spent in special forces military service – this book is certain to give you your fix! Follow along as one man sets out in search of answers with no assurance they’ll be found at all…

True Believer

Terminal List 2 is the second installment in the series. The American government calls on James Reece as terrorist activity spikes throughout Europe.

An ex-Iraqi commando who served for Reece in Iraq is behind all of these assaults.

After going into hiding in the remote areas of Mozambique, Reece is discovered and given a presidential pardon before being recruited by the CIA to aid in the hunt for the terrorists.

James returns to his position with the United States government and pursues the killer throughout the globe, all the while exposing international intrigues and the CIA’s own secret traitor.

Conclusion: Jack Carr Books In Order – Reading Lists

Jack Carr’s thrilling novels follow the journey of James Reece, a skilled military man driven by his desire for justice and vengeance. From books like Savage Son to The Devil’s Hand and beyond, readers are treated to pulse-pounding action scenes and an intense exploration of the resilience of the human will. Whether you’re a fan of thrillers, military thrillers, or just want to get lost in a truly captivating story, Jack Carr Books In Order are for you. So if you’re ready for an adrenaline-fueled ride, dive into the world of James Reece today!

FAQs: jack carr books in order

In what order should I read Jack Carr books?

The best way to read Jack Carr books is in the order that they are released, beginning with Savage Son and continuing through The Devil’s Hand, In the Blood, and True Believer. Each of these thrilling novels builds upon the action from previous installments, so it is important not to skip around or jump ahead.

Will there be a 6th Jack Carr book?

Winter will be over soon! Get ready to experience the joy of Spring 2023 in a new and exciting way – with a hardcover, eBook, or audio version.

In what order was each Jack Carr book written?

The year 2018 saw the completion of the first book, while 2022 saw the completion of the most recent book

Is in the blood by Jack Carr a series?

Within the Veins Written by Jack Carr The sixth installment of “The Terminal List” book series. James Reece is on the hunt for the person who murdered a Mossad agent who was affiliated to the CIA.

Which Jack Carr book should I read first?

Jack Carr’s debut novel, The Terminal List, set the thriller genre alight upon its publication in 2018. Boasting vivid characters and an enthralling plot that left readers wanting for more added to its almost instant success among fans of thrillers everywhere.

Will there be another book after in the blood by Jack Carr?

On May 16, 2023, Jack Carr unleashes his latest work of fiction and brings the beloved character James Reece back to life. In Only The Dead readers will be taken on an intense journey that only a #1 New York Times bestselling author could provide. Get ready for all-new action from America’s favorite hero!

Will Jack Carr write a 5th book?

In the Blood (2022), the fifth novel in his James Reece series, and he published not too long ago, received widespread recognition from readers as well as high praise from members of the literary community. The title was finally unveiled in typical Jack Carr manner via the use of a teaser film that was distributed across a variety of social media sites. You may see the post in its original form down below.

Is Jack Carr a Navy SEAL?

Jack Carr is a former Navy SEAL and now the author of a book that is number one on the New York Times bestseller list. Park City, Utah is where he makes his home along his wife and their three children. In addition to ‘In the Blood,’ his other works include ‘The Terminal List,’ ‘True Believer,’ ‘Savage Son,’ and ‘The Devil’s Hand.’

Is The Terminal List worth reading?

Another tale that is quite captivating is titled “The Terminal List.” After more than 20 years of service in Naval Special Warfare, the author, Jack Carr, himself has a fascinating narrative to tell from his time in the service. During his time in the military, Carr served in a number of capacities, including as a sniper with the Navy SEALs, as a junior officer, as a platoon leader, and as the commander of a Special Operations Tasks Unit.

How many books does The Terminal List season 1 Cover?

There are a total of six novels included in this series. Choose the quantity of the goods that you would like to buy. There are a total of six novels included in this series. Choose the quantity of the goods that you would like to buy.

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