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Are you looking for the newest books by danielle steel? If so, you’re in luck because she recently released a few new titles. These novels are sure to entertain and provide hours of reading pleasure for her devoted fans. From gripping suspense tales to romantic stories about true love, Danielle Steel has an impressive catalog of heart-warming fiction that keeps readers coming back book after book. In this blog post we’ll take a look at the latest works from Danielle Steel and explore why they’re so captivating and enjoyable to read.

Who is Danielle Steel?

Born in 1947 to a German father and Portuguese mother, Danielle Fernandes Dominique Schuelein-Steel was raised among the affluent of New York City. During her childhood spent living in France she developed a passion for writing that followed her back across the Atlantic, where upon returning home at age thirteen she began studying French literature while quietly perfecting a manuscript – ultimately giving rise to one of America’s most successful authors:Danielle Steel.

What is Danielle Steel’s next book?

If a good book is what you seek, make sure to check out the fantastic titles by beloved novelist Danielle Steel. Pre-order your favorites so that not one moment of reading excellence passes you by!

What is Danielle Steel's next book?
What is Danielle Steel’s next book?

Worthy Opponents

Spencer Brooke comes from a prestigious line of New York department store owners, but when she finds herself pregnant and married to someone who doesn’t support her dreams as an entrepreneur and mother alike, it looks like all is lost. Just as the doors are about to close permanently on this legacy, though – or so Spencer fears – a mysterious investor appears with offers that could save not only the business but also their marriage if he can be trusted. Worthy Opponents weaves together themes of family obligations, monetary uncertainty and ambition against the backdrop of romantic drama for readers looking for captivating stories full of heartening resolutions.

Newest books by Danielle Steel

Immerse yourself in the captivating fiction works of Danielle! Her stories will leave you wanting more – don’t miss out on newest books by Danielle Steel.

Newest books by Danielle Steel
Newest books by Danielle Steel

The Whittiers

Six children were reared by Connie and Preston Whittier in a once opulent Manhattan house. The home continues to be the center of the family even if the kids are now grownups. Then catastrophe happens during Connie and Peter’s yearly skiing trip to Europe. The Whittiers’ future—and that of their home—is now in doubt as each individual in the family deals with their own particular issues. They must learn that in order to go ahead and overcome their obstacles, they have to be true to each other and work together to support each other. The Whittiers, by the most popular novelist in the world, Danielle Steel, is a beautiful tale about the value of family, home, and being loyal to oneself.

The High Notes

Iris Cooper had a powerful gift that she kept hidden away in the impoverished bars of Texas – an angel’s voice. After years on her own, Iris met Boy and found her way to New York where fate embraced them both with success and fame. Overcome by tragedy shortly after reaching their dreams, neither one was prepared for true love they would find together despite it all.

The Challenge

Tom Marshall, a successful financier from New York, was desperately seeking an escape from his loveless marriage and the stresses of city living. So he made the bold decision to relocate with his fifteen-year-old daughter Juliet to Fishtail – a small Montana ranching town that welcomed them warmly into its fold. Little did they know this idyllic mountain retreat would soon be shattered by tragedy when Julian and her new teenage friends embarked on what should have been an enjoyable trek in their beloved mountains – only for it turn out to be anything but…


Even though Theodora Morgan is a member of the fashion elite, she has been keeping a quiet profile lately. Her husband, business tycoon Matthieu Pasquier, and their son were abducted and held for ransom one year ago; the horror that followed ended tragically.

Although the investigation has come to a halt, CIA agent Mike Andrews has reason to think that high society “networkist” Pierre de Vaumont may be keeping anything hidden. When Mike and Theo first meet, their connection is immediate, but Theo is utterly ignorant of Mike’s actual aim or identity. She is also oblivious that the life she is trying to restore is in severe danger.


Learn about the famous hotel in Danielle Steele’s classic tale of how a few little issues turn into a life-or-death situation, affecting everyone who enters. . .

Rich and renowned people from all over the world have been drawn to the Hotel Louis XVI in Paris for many years. Currently, a distinguished group of devoted returning visitors is scheduled to show up, accompanied by a number of fresh faces. The new manager Olivier Bateau and his assistant Yvonne Philippe are anxiously expecting the visitors. Even though they both work hard to uphold the hotel’s legacy of quality, none of them was ready for what transpired that September evening.

Both visitors and employees are shaken by the events of that one tragic night, and they prepare for the aftershock as it soon becomes clear that there will be a lot more drama.


Veronique Vincent, who is just twenty-two years old, is already a celebrity. She is an internationally renowned model who struts down catwalks. However, Veronique, the daughter of a diligent single mother, prefers to remain at home or on dates with her boyfriend. Veronique decides to take a little vacation from her hectic schedule. Then, a tragic explosion at Brussels Airport completely alters her life: she is hospitalized, left alone and bereft, and her look is permanently transformed. Veronique begins to reconstruct her life, but her mother’s letter discloses truths she never could have imagined.

Nine Lives

Maggie Kelly had always been averse to risk and steered clear of daredevil men. But when tragedy struck, she decided it was time for an adventure – only to discover that the irresistible thrill-seeker from her high school days hadn’t faded with time. After thirty years missing out on first love, Maggie found herself suddenly reunited with this daring man who threatened both danger and excitement…

High Stakes

Jane Addison, a young and determined woman, recently joined the renowned talent agency Fletcher & Benson. But amidst all the glitz and glamour is turmoil – Hailey’s husband has passed away; Allie unknowingly falls into an affair with one of her clients; Francine is still nursing an ugly divorce from years past ; while even Merriwether’s seemingly perfect marriage isn’t immune to trouble. As Jane discovers more about these issues behind closed doors, what she does next sets in motion a series of events that will turn everyone’s lives upside down!


Struggling with a personal tragedy, Meredith White chose to close herself off from the world. That all changed when an earthquake rocked her San Francisco mansion and opened up new possibilities for connection – leading Meredith on a journey of discovery that would forever alter her life. Uncovering secrets beneath its pages, this Danielle Steel novel follows one woman’s courage in overcoming immense sorrow as she rediscovers friendship and love amongst some of the toughest trials imaginable.

Flying Angels

Best friends Following the 1941 assault on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese, Audrey and Lizzie are crushed by the death of a shared loved one.

As they begin to deal with their loss, their determination to play a significant part in the war effort grows. As skilled nurses, they enlist in the armed medivac division and are transferred to England, wherein they join a specialized unit that flies perilous excursions to the front in order retrieve injured troops.

Audrey, Lizzie, and their colleagues doctors and airmen will encounter loss and suffering due to the calamities of war. They will grow to appreciate the value of friendship, respect, boldness, and authenticity. But after the war is done, will they be able to master one of the most difficult lessons of all: how to love again?

The Butler

The Butler tells the story of Joachim von Hartmann, who, following his father’s death and subsequent downfall from their wealthy family life in Argentina to poverty, embarks on an emotional journey towards self-discovery. His twin brother Javier joins him for a perilous adventure that spans continents – with stops in Buenos Aires, Paris and London – as they work together to build newer lives for themselves. Along the way he meets Olivia; set free by her own escape from New York city she provides guidance and friendship which will ultimately shape Joachim’s fate forevermore.

Finding Ashley

What happens when two estranged sisters get a second chance to reconnect and heal their broken relationship? Intriguing author Danielle Steel embarks on an emotional journey in her novel, Finding Ashley. After tragedy struck six years ago, Melissa Henderson shunned the limelight of being a bestselling novelist for the tranquility of renovating her home in New England – until it was featured on news reports prompting contact from Hattie who is committed to rebuilding bridges between them both. Can they make amends with each other and move forwards into brighter futures? Read this captivating story today!

The Affair

Rose McCarthy is the famed editor-in-chief of one of New York City’s most illustrious fashion magazines, and has raised four successful daughters in her wake. When tragedy strikes in their close circle – news of Nadia, Rose’s youngest daughter and a dynamic interior designer married to an acclaimed novelist – being publicly humiliated by her husband’s affair – they all gather around her for support as she rediscovers what truly matters at life’s core.

The Numbers Game

Eileen’s life takes an unexpected turn when she discovers her husband’s affair. She embarks on a journey from heartache to triumph as she finds the strength and courage to pursue her career dreams – all the way in Paris! Through this warm-hearted novel, readers explore how relationships can change over time and what it is like for one woman who decides that laying down roots doesn’t mean sacrificing everything else.

All That Glitters

Coco Martin’s idyllic and privileged existence is destroyed by the untimely loss of her affluent and cherished parents. Now in her early 20 and the heiress of a substantial wealth, she must navigate a world that has lost all reason. She starts a new lifestyle in London, where she falls in love with an attractive but impoverished nobleman who exposes her to a world for parties and excess. Coco believes she has finally found happiness, but is this dazzling modern generation blinding her to the truth?

Expect a Miracle

From a young age, Danielle has been cherishing words of wisdom; gathering and preserving them in her heart. Expect a Miracle is the result of that passion: an uplifting compilation filled with quotes to encourage, motivate and bring joy. It’s more than just another book – it serves as support or solace during difficult times, provides insight into our everyday lives …and best of all can even be shared with beloved ones!


Coco Martin’s comfortable upbringing is rocked when her rich parents die. In her early 20s, she must navigate a globe that no longer provides context. She starts a new career in London with an attractive but poor nobleman who exposes her to parties and excess. Coco believes she’s found bliss, but is her globe blinding her to reality?


Alexandra’s brothers fought and died for their nation in 1939, so she’s eager to help the war effort. While volunteer for the Erst Aid Corps, MI6 recruits her as an undercover agent. She spends the war doing risky assignments. She marries a young soldier, yet she continues her risky clandestine career.

Child’s Play

After suffering a heartbreaking loss, Kate courageously persevered in raising her three children as a single mother. All of them are now adults and she’s proud to see the paths they’ve chosen for themselves; however, there still remain some challenges that need addressing – Tamara who is unable or unwilling to commit in relationships, Anthony whose marriage proposal hides an unknown fear underneath it all…and not least of which is youngest daughter whose choice of partner has causes red flags among those closest to her. Despite these difficulties facing the family unit, can their love and determination be enough for everyone involved?

Daddy’s Girls

Three sisters, Kate, Gemma and Caroline Tucker experience radically different lives but remain united by an unshakeable bond. Their father has devoted everything he can to ensuring the girls a better life than his own – until tragedy exposes dangerous secrets that threaten to pull them apart. After years of hardship, will they be able to face their troubles as one family?

Lost and Found

Madison Allen reminisces over old pictures at her apartment. Though she’s had three key guys in her life, she’s always prioritized her photography profession.

Madison takes a road journey across Boston, Chicago, and Wyoming to find answers about the men she’s loved and confirm her previous mistakes. A surprising future emerges.

The Wedding Dress

Eleanor Deveraux’s wedding to financier Alexander Allen was always the social highlight of 1929. On the honeymoon, Alex heard about the Wall Street Crash.

Newest books by Danielle Steel
Newest books by Danielle Steel

Eleanor’s wedding dress, produced by a prestigious Parisian fashion firm, becomes a family legacy through political and social upheaval.

The Dark Side

In this thought-provoking novel, ten-year old Zoe’s idyllic childhood comes to a crashing halt when her beloved sister Rose dies. Grief takes its toll on the family and pushes them apart. Years later, as an adult struggling with loss and guilt, Zoe finds solace in Austin Roberts – they build a life of their own together along with daughter Jamie..but the past crashes back into their present day reality much sooner than expected.

Moral Compass

Danielle Steel’s latest novel takes place in Saint Ambrose Prep, a school steeped in history and tradition since its beginning over one hundred years ago. Recently the setting has changed as it became the first of its kind to open up enrollment for female students. Its walls are soon tested when tragedy strikes following an eventful Halloween party – media frenzy ensues resulting from these new revelations that no student can ignore or outrun.

Beauchamp Hall

Winona Farmington had an unremarkable life in a small Michigan town, feeling like the days were quickly slipping away. But when her favourite TV show takes on new meaning, Winona embarks on a journey to England and Beauchamp Hall – where she discovers that exciting opportunities await!

Blessing in Disguise

When Isabelle McAvoy became a mother, her life instantly took on three different shades. With three daughters from separate fathers, she found herself equally challenged and rewarded by the unique experiences that each daughter brought to their family dynamic – but when fate revealed an unexpected connection between them all, nothing could come close to describing this joyous reunion of hearts!

Silent Night

Silent Night tells a heartwarming tale of how family can bond together in the face of tragedy. Nine-year old Emma had an illustrious career on television, all thanks to her ambitious mother Paige. But when disaster strikes and Aunt Whitney appears, what seems lost is instead found – that no matter how tough the situation may be you are never alone with your loved ones by your side.

Conclusion: newest books by danielle steel

As these novels show, families can face many challenges and difficulties, but they can also be a source of love and strength. Whether it is overcoming tragedy, dealing with complicated family dynamics, or simply finding a sense of belonging in the world, the resilience and determination of family members are often what keep them together through thick and thin. With this in mind, I hope that readers will enjoy these compelling family stories and be inspired to find their own paths towards happiness. Thanks for reading newest books by Danielle Steel!

FAQs: books by danielle steel

What is Danielle Steel’s latest book called?

The Whittiers is the name of the author’s most recent novel. On November 22, 2022, it hit shelves. Without A Trace, her next album, will be released on January 3, 2023.

Does Danielle Steel have a new book out yet?

To answer your question, Danielle Steel’s newest novel is titled The Whittiers, and it has just been released. On November 22, 2022, it hit shelves. Without A Trace, her next album, will be launched on January 3, 2023.

Does Danielle Steel have any new books coming out in 2022?

Yes, Danielle Steel currently has two new books due out in 2022. They are titled The Whittiers and Without A Trace, respectively. Both will be released on November 22nd, 2022. Additionally, her next album is set to be released on January 3rd, 2023.

What books will Danielle Steel release in 2022?

According to her website, Danielle Steel will be releasing two new books on November 22nd, 2022. These are titled The Whittiers and Without A Trace. Additionally, her next album is set to be released on January 3rd, 2023. She has not announced any other book or album releases at this time.

What author is similar to Danielle Steel?

There is no one author that is exactly like Danielle Steel, but other popular authors who write similar types of fiction include J.K. Rowling, George R.R. Martin, Stephen King, and Nora Roberts. All are known for their rich storytelling and ability to create complex and engaging characters in their books.

What is Danielle Steels new book called?

Expect a Miracle is a collection of Danielle’s favorite sayings, quotes, and proverbs about life and love.

What books will Danielle Steel release in 2023?

Danielle Steel is the author of much more than 350 novels, including The Whittiers (2022), Without a Trace (2023), The High Notes (2022), The Challenge (2022), and Suspects (2022).

What is Danielle Steel’s best selling book?

Danielle Steel’s novel Safe Harbour has experienced unprecedented success and soared to the top of bestseller lists, becoming her most successful book release yet.

Is there an order to read Danielle Steel books?

This article contains a list of all of Danielle Steel’s published works of fiction, beginning with her critically acclaimed first book, which was published in 1973, and continuing through her upcoming works, which are scheduled to be published in the following year. You are free to read these books in whatever sequence you choose since each one may stand on its own as an independent publication.

Which Danielle Steel book to start with?

Summer’s End (1979) Our adventure starts with the sixth book written by Steel, titled Summer’s End. Deanna, our main character, is typical of Steel’s work in that she has a comfortable position in the top rungs of society and, at first glance, seems to have everything she could want.

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