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Are you a fan of Brad Thor books? If so, then keep reading to learn the best way to read his works. We’ll review all twenty-one novels in chronological order, from The Lions of Lucerne (2002) all of the way through Backlash (2019). Reading these books in order enables readers to follow Tom Clancy’s protagonist Scot Harvath through time and experience change as he does. Enjoy our expert’s take on which Order of Brad Thor Books should happen next.

Who is Brad Thor?

Brad Thor found his passion for reading and writing at an early age, growing up in the city of Chicago. He attended University of Southern California to refine these skills by studying creative writing and film production – with acclaimed author T.C Boyle as his mentor. After college he pursued further paths that shaped him into who he is today; from creating a popular travel show called Traveling Lite (which served as both writer/creator/host) to joining The Department Homeland Security’s Red Cell Analytic Division. Through these experiences Brad has taken unique knowledge learned along the way and applied them insightfully within many novels written since then.

Who is Brad Thor?
Who is Brad Thor?

How Many Brad Thor Books Are There?

For those who are captivated by thrilling tales of espionage and counterterrorism, Brad Thor’s Scot Harvath series is the pinnacle of literary excitement. With a total number over twenty-one novel length stories to explore, readers have an immense journey ahead as they unravel this larger than life character’s compelling saga. Get ready for many nights with your nose buried in one page turner after another — let the adventure begin.

How Many Brad Thor Books Are There?
How Many Brad Thor Books Are There?

Order of Brad Thor Books: Scot Harvath Series

  • The Lions Of Lucerne (2002)
  • Path of the Assassin (2003)
  • State of the Union (2004)
  • Blowback (2005)
  • Takedown (2006)
  • The First Commandment (2007)
  • The Last Patriot (2008)
  • The Apostle (2009)
  • Foreign Influence (2010)
  • Full Black (2011)
  • Black List (2012)
  • Hidden Order (2013)
  • Act of War (2014)
  • Code of Conduct (2015)
  • Foreign Agent (2016)
  • Use of Force (2017)
  • Spymaster (2018)
  • Backlash (2019)
  • Near Dark (2020)
  • Black Ice (2021)
  • Rising Tiger (2022)

Order of Brad Thor Books: Athena Series

  • The Athena Project (2010)

Order of Brad Thor Books: Summary

Brad Thor’s books are an adventure all their own, offering unique and thrilling stories without the need to follow a series. However, for those who want to enjoy his novels in perfect chronological order there is an ideal reading sequence that takes readers on a journey through time starting with the first publication date up until now. So grab your copy of Brad Thor’s latest novel and immerse yourself into this fantastic world!

Order of Brad Thor Books: Summary
Order of Brad Thor Books: Summary

The Lions Of Lucerne (2002) 

When President of the United States is kidnapped and all hope seems lost, only one man stands in his way. Enter Scot Harvath – a disowned Secret Service Agent turned savior who must travel to Lucerne, Switzerland on an investigation that could make or break America’s future. The Lions of Lucerne marks Brad Thor as one of the top authors for spy thrillers and is sure to keep readers captivated with suspense-filled twists at every turn!

Path of the Assassin (2003) 

In Path of the Assassin, Scot Harvath embarks on a thrilling mission to uncover the masterminds behind a plot to kidnap POTUS. In order locate this dangerous foe, he must track down a hijacking survivor with insider knowledge; however, they are up against one of world’s most insidious criminals who will stop at nothing in their pursuit for power and revenge.

State of the Union (2004) 

In State of the Union, a thrilling story unfolds as Scot Harvath sets out to protect America from an impending attack by the former Soviet Union. With sinister sleeper agents armed with explosives scattered across the nation and time running short, it is up to Harvath to unravel long-buried secrets that could potentially trigger war between two superpowers – leaving humanity’s fate hanging in precarious balance.

Blowback (2005) 

In Scot Harvath’s thrilling return as a counterterrorist, Blowback takes readers back to the Roman Empire and reveals an ancient secret that could usher in global turmoil. Uncovering a weapon far more menacing than any modern technology out there, this page-turner is sure to leave you on edge with its exploration of how history can affect our future – all at risk of slipping into another Dark Age.

Takedown (2006) 

On the 4th of July weekend, Manhattan was rocked by a devastating terrorist attack. With much of the city shut down in response to this unforeseen event, Scot Harvath must embark on an urgent mission–to find and neutralize one man who might be responsible for it all. Through burning streets and chaos wrought by terrorism he will have to fight his way against time if there is any hope at stopping further attacks from taking place across America.

The First Commandment (2007) 

Scot Harvath, a former Secret Service Agent turned master assassin, has been recruited by the president to unleash his special brand of justice on an unknown assailant who is bent on making Harvath’s life as unbearable as possible. Unwilling to sit idly while this mastermind wreaks havoc and threatens those closest to him, The First Commandment details his thrilling mission for revenge; threatening a world already rocked by violence with more destruction should he fail.

The Last Patriot (2008) 

Scot Harvath was an agent forced out of the life he wanted, but when a militant Islam attack left him with no choice but to save someone in peril – his own sense of purpose is reignited. Now thrust back into espionage and danger as missions unfold; Scot’s biggest test will be uncovering a secret long kept hidden by generations before – one that could win against any battle or war fought using physical weapons alone.

The Apostle (2009) 

With the new administration ushering in a different approach to combating terrorism, Scot Harvath finds himself out of his job. Little did he know that it wouldn’t be too long before President’s desperate plea for help would reach him – an American doctor has been kidnapped and only Harvath can save her. As he embarks on this mission, far from what was expected lies ahead as dark secrets are revealed in pursuit of justice; now tasked with helping one of America’s most sinister terrorist enemies go unpunished.

Foreign Influence (2010) 

Scot Harvath, a veteran agent from the Department of Defense, is thrust back into action to unravel an international plot when American students studying in Rome become tragic casualties of a bomb attack. With no obvious clues at first glance and evidence pointing towards someone he has worked with before, it’s up to Scot to stop history repeating itself as he dives deeper down this rabbit hole.

Full Black (2011) 

In Full Black, Scot Harvath embarks on the ultimate mission – infiltrating a terrorist network to protect his country from an imminent threat. In sunny California, however, a filmmaker is about to be thrust into danger as he stumbles upon a sinister plot designed by one of America’s wealthiest men that could catastrophically alter the entire nation’s future. Written with Brad Thor’s signature flair for suspense and edge-of-your seat action sequences, this novel serves up gripping drama in spades.

Black List (2012) 

Scot Harvath is an unlikely fugitive, forced to flee against his will in order to avoid becoming one of the government’s victims. Although he finds himself as a target when disaster strikes, it’s up to him and only him alone now – with every step away from authorities coming closer towards unearthing who was behind the heinous attempt on America – for justice and freedom alike.

Hidden Order (2013) 

Scot Harvath is on the hunt for answers. His investigation leads to one of America’s oldest and most elusive organisations, but just as he begins his quest five people disappear – presumed dead. As he delves deeper into what appears at first glance an impenetrable web of secrets, Scot discovers a decades-long conspiracy that could go all the way back before America’s conception itself. Can this hidden order be exposed?

Act of War (2014) 

When a series of bombings takes place in the heart of Washington D.C., Scot Harvath must uncover who is behind it and why they have targeted America’s Capitol Hill – with order from the President to do whatever it takes to put an end to this threat that could potentially be catastrophic. From shadowy back alleys, hidden secrets and politicians with something to hide, this thrilling novel will leave readers breathless.

Code of Conduct (2015) 

The stakes have never been higher for Scot Harvath, as he finds himself caught between a despot’s ruthless order and his own government’s code of conduct. With the help of an old enemy turned ally, Scot must use all his skills and resources to save the people of a small European country from a tyrant’s oppressive rule. As Scot races against time and the odds, will he finally be able to protect those in need?

Foreign Agent (2016) 

In Foreign Agent, readers get to experience Scot Harvath uncover a thrilling mystery in the form of an evil mastermind whose aim is to bring about catastrophe for America. With his own formidable set of skills and with help from a Russian operative, he sets off on a journey that reveals insidious plots threatening both Syria and the White House itself. All this danger culminates into climatic shockwaves leaving readers glued until they discover who’s behind it all.

Use of Force (2017) 

When a high-profile terrorism suspect is found dead onshore in Italy, the CIA are shaken to their core by what could have been. With tensions rising and speculation around his mission putting all of Europe at risk of an imminent war, they turn to Scot Harvath – the only one with the expertise needed for such a sensitive investigation that requires immense discretion. In Use Of Force, follow this thrilling journey as he searches for answers while attempting discover what truly happened before tragedy struck.

Spymaster (2018) 

When a series of bombs threaten to erode the foundations of democracy and order, Scot Harvath is hired by the President himself to thwart an insidious plan. With only a few clues to go on, and with time running out, he must use all his knowledge, strength and resources to discover who is behind this plot before it’s too late. Spymaster is sure to thrill readers with its fast-paced action and suspense.

Backlash (2019) 

In Backlash, Scot Harvath must take on an old enemy who is determined to create a reign of terror across the globe. With allies from every corner of the world, he embarks on a race against time to put an end to the dangerous plan before it’s too late. Follow Scot on this action-packed adventure as he discovers secrets, uncovering a sinister plot along the way – putting his own life at risk for freedom and justice.

Near Dark (2020) 

In Near Dark, readers join Scot Harvath on a mission to stop an extremist militia from launching a devastating attack using weapons of mass destruction. With threats coming from every side, and his own government working against him, Scot must use all his expertise and resources in order to protect the world from a catastrophic event. A tense battle between good and evil ensues – can Scot win?

Black Ice (2021) 

Scot Harvath had finally settled into a life of blissful domesticity, enjoying his newfound romance and the freedom that comes with relaxation. But when duty calls once again, Scot must choose between saving his country or losing out on all he has built for himself. Thrusting him back into action without warning, Scot is confronted by an enemy from long ago – whom he thought to be dead but now threatens destruction should their mission fail. It’s up to our hero to save us all.

Rising Tiger (2022)

Scot Harvath is facing his greatest challenge yet: a looming international crisis that requires him to travel into unknown territory. The stakes are higher than ever and time isn’t on the side of America as it scrambles for an answer – but Scot may be their only hope in rising above this unpredictable tiger!

Conclusion: Order of Brad Thor Books – Discountbiblebook Lists

Brad Thor’s order of books continues to captivate readers with gripping storylines and adrenalin-packed action. From Foreign Agent to Rising Tiger, witness our hero Scot Harvath save the world time and time again in this thrilling series.

FAQs: Order of Brad Thor Books

Do you have to read Brad Thor in order?

Get ready to be enthralled by the action-packed and suspenseful adventures of Scot Harvath! With each book in Brad Thor’s series, you’re sure to experience a standalone thrill ride without having to read them chronologically.

Is Brad Thor still writing books?

Thor’s latest Harvath novel, Rising Tiger, released to the world in July 2022. This thrilling new installment of his series has already been published internationally and is captivating audiences far beyond American shores!

Is Brad Thor working on a new book?

Get ready to dive into the action-packed world of Scot Harvath, with #1 New York Times bestselling author Brad Thor’s upcoming thriller Rising Tiger! Join Harvath on July 19th in 2022 for an explosive story that will take you from heart stopping suspense through white knuckle excitement. Don’t miss out – grab your copy and get lost in this thrilling journey today!

What is black ice about by Brad Thor?

Scot Harvath is living the perfect summer. Cozy oceanside cottage? Check. Shiny new speedboat to explore Norway’s picturesque fjords? Of course! His beautiful girlfriend Sølvi by his side every step of the way? Without a doubt. But when your day job involves being one of America’s top spies, even paradise can begin feeling like a prison—especially with vacation days almost up and resignation papers waiting in an inbox back home. Will Scot take off as planned or decide that duty means more than pleasure… this time around at least?.

What genre does Brad Thor write?

Brad Thor is a New York Times bestselling author and master of the thriller genre. His novels are packed with suspenseful plot lines, dynamic characters and riveting action sequences that keep readers on the edge of their seats until the very end.

Does Scot Harvath die in any Brad Thor book?

Scot Harvath is no ordinary hero, and his exceptional skills have yet to fail him in any of Brad Thor’s novels. Though he has certainly had close calls with death, Scot always makes it out alive – for now. As the series continues and each novel brings more danger and excitement, who knows what the future holds for our protagonist?

Who is the main character in Brad Thor novels?

Through Scot Harvath’s daring escapades, Brad Thor works to make the world a brighter, more secure place.

How old is Brad Thor?

Brad Thor is 52 years old, born on August 21st 1968 in Chicago, Illinois.

What order should I read Brad Thor books?

If you’re looking to jump right into the action of Brad Thor’s works, start with his first novel ‘The Lions of Lucerne,’ then move forward chronologically. However, as each novel stands alone, you’re welcome to pick any order that suits your fancy. From thrilling international espionage to heart-pumping suspense, Brad Thor’s novels have something for everyone.

How many books has Brad Thor sold?

Since his debut novel in 2002, Brad Thor has sold over 15 million copies worldwide. His books have consistently been bestsellers and achieved international recognition, making him one of the most successful authors in the thriller genre.

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