Best 15+ Piano Books For Beginners – For Many Ages

If you are just getting started with the piano, it may seem daunting to start learning. After all, there’s so much to learn. From scales and finger placement to reading sheet music and playing chords – where should you even begin? Luckily, there is a wide selection of piano books designed specifically for beginners that will help make the learning process manageable and fun! Whether you want to learn classical pieces or modern pop songs, there’s something for everyone in these beginner piano books. Keep reading to discover some amazing resources perfect for amateur musicians looking for an accessible way into making beautiful music!

Best Piano Books for Beginners: Younger

Get your hands on the Bastien Piano Basics and start playing today! This renowned series of books is perfect for anyone looking to master piano basics – so open up those covers, get ready to practice, and discover just how musical you can be.

Best Piano Books for Beginners: Younger
Best Piano Books for Beginners: Younger

Bastien Piano Basics

The Bastien Piano Basics book series may now be the finest to purchase for any young beginner. Many piano instructors strongly suggest it, and it helps to make learning fun and simple for the pupils. Young students may advance their piano abilities with this book series since it is set up in a manner that fosters motivation and success.

My First Piano Adventure

Young novices should start with Nancy Faber’s My First Piano Adventure. My First Piano Adventure, a book for children ages 5 and 6, has entertaining songs, timing games, and technique exercises designed to hold the student’s interest while he or she learns the fundamentals of the keyboard. These books offer concepts like pre-reading and basic music theory, which are very beneficial for when the learner starts to improve.

Alfred’s Basic Piano Library

Although Alfred’s Basic Piano Library is probably one of the most well-liked choices for you new piano players, it is still a fantastic choice. Prior to note reading, the method’s step-by-step training approach places an emphasis on proper playing techniques and interval awareness. While not taking focus away from the goal of learning the piano, its pictures are upbeat and entertaining to maintain youngsters’ interest.

Me and My Piano

Fanny Waterman’s book Me and My Piano is a fantastic choice for young beginners. It begins from the very beginning by explaining to the kids that such piano has white and black keys and pointing them where bottom C is. After that, a thorough curriculum is followed, with the hands being separated and then placed back together to perform new tunes.

John Thompson’s Easiest Piano Course

This book was specifically created for the first student. It does adhere to a traditional curriculum thanks to its in-depth, step-by-step training. This involves exposing a few new students at a time to the staff notes to allow for repetition and retention.

Ultimate Beginner Series: Keyboard Basics

The Comprehensive Beginner Series for Keypad Basics teaches students all the fundamental abilities they need to develop into outstanding musicians using a combination of text and DVD. This book gives students the tools they need to study the piano on their own, starting with the fundamental hand postures and finger shapes.

This book’s and DVD’s curriculum includes lessons for every piano-playing ability imaginable. In addition to fundamental chords, arpeggios, scales, and chords, they also feature exercises that teach appropriate body alignment and the basics of improvisation.

Best Piano Books for Beginners: Teenager

Moving on to the perfect music primer for teenage beginners, let’s explore some stellar piano learning books!

Best Piano Books for Beginners: Teenager
Best Piano Books for Beginners: Teenager

Accelerated Piano Adventures for the Older Beginner

My First Melody Adventure by Nancy Faber doesn’t end with the young novices. Another excellent choice for students who could be beginning at a later age and are able to pick things up a little quicker than the younger ones is her Expedited Piano Adventures for said Older Beginner. In general, it is advised that students in grades 11 and above utilize these texts.

Learn to Play Piano: Step by Step Guide

Heather Milnes, a melody instructor with more than 30 years of expertise, wrote Learn to Play Piano. Each of the concepts offered in this nonfiction book has also been tested and verified on her actual pupils to assure their effectiveness.

Because of its focus on the ability to comprehend and play music at the same time, this book is intended for older students. The notion of multitasking, as well as the increased pace which this book presents new topics, might be challenging for younger pupils. The purpose of Learn to Play Instruments is to educate kids how to synchronize their fingers and minds so that they can practice and read at the same time, which is a key basic ability as their learning progresses.

Hal Leonard Piano for Teens Method

The Hal Leonard Piano for Teens Method is a perfect companion to help young adults learn the piano or keyboard in no time! Its intuitive instructions and simple page layouts make it easy to understand, giving students confidence with each new song they tackle. Progress at your own pace while taking on fresh concepts that will leave you feeling strong and motivated as you work through exciting musical pieces.

Piano for Busy Teens

The Piano for Busy Teens is exactly what it sounds like, a beginning piano book for busy teens. Designed for the normal teenage life of sport practice, activities, and homework, this is one of the best piano books for beginners who can’t find the time to study music they love.

Best Piano Books for Beginners: Adult

For all the adult learners out there, let’s show some appreciation for taking on such a wonderful journey of mastering the piano. A book (or two) can be just what is needed to guide you along your musical path!

Best Piano Books for Beginners: Adult
Best Piano Books for Beginners: Adult

Piano Book for Adult Beginners

The Piano for Busy Adolescents is precisely that: a starting piano book of busy teens. This is considered one of the greatest computer books for newcomers who can’t find the motivation to learn music they love since it is designed for the usual adolescent life of sport preparation, activities, and schoolwork.

The Older Beginner Piano Course

Unlike many other alternatives, the Bastien’s Older Beginner Piano Course is created as a genuine self book, rather than an instructor putting down their expertise. This book is obviously created for pupils who have no prior understanding of the piano playing and proceeds as though the only information gained is from the preceding pages.

Keyboard Musician for the Adult Beginner

The Keyboard Musician for the Adult Beginner is a comprehensive guide to help older learners get started on their musical journey. Everything from reading music and understanding theory, to composing beautiful pieces of art are all within reach with this book! It uses language that is simple yet powerful so adults can begin playing like pros in no time – perfect for those who wish they could learn an instrument but think it’s too late. With its partner series specifically designed with young musicians in mind, The Keyboard Musician ensures everyone has access to unlocking hidden talents!

Best Piano Books for Beginners: Returning Adult

Best Piano Books for Beginners: Returning Adult
Best Piano Books for Beginners: Returning Adult

Returning to the Piano: A Refresher Book for Adults

Wendy Stevens’ book is primarily intended for individuals who previously play piano but fallen off the wagon and are eager to rediscover the pleasure of playing. Instead than concentrating on teaching and theory like the other starting books, this one just utilizes the prepared songs to help senior students discover their playing spirit.

I Used to Play Piano

If you’ve put away your piano and feel like the time is right to start playing again, the I Used To Play Piano book encourages adults with some prior experience on keys to jump back in without starting from scratch. This self-motivating guide allows readers who are ready for a challenge satisfy their craving by picking up where they left off!

Conclusion: Best 15+ Piano Books For Beginners – For Many Ages

Whether you’re a beginner or just need to brush up on the basics, there are many great piano books to help out. Each one offers something different that can benefit your musical journey in exciting ways, so be sure to explore all of your options and find the perfect book for you. And remember – practice makes perfect! So keep practicing and remember that you can always reach out to a teacher or other music experts if needed. Happy playing!

FAQs: piano books for beginners

Can I learn piano with a book?

However, when you’re an adult piano, learning the piano without an instructor is certainly possible. There are piano technique books developed exclusively for self-teaching. This enables you to study at your own speed while also saving money on hiring an instructor.

What should beginner piano players learn?

Study the foundations, such as reading notes on the grand staff (in both treble и bass clefs), gaining an understanding of music theory, and honing your musical ear. Learn the fundamentals of the instrument, such as scales, chords, arpeggios, and simple compositions. Find a good piano instructor, either in person or online, and continue to practice while keeping a positive attitude.

What is the most important thing to learn in piano?

Each white note is named. This is the musical code, which a pianist should master initially. These note names connect the piano to other instruments and written music.

How long should beginners practice piano?

Pianists should practice 30-to-4 hours daily. Beginners should practice less, while accomplished pianists may spend longer. Each practice session may be divided to minimize weariness.

At what age is it too late to learn piano?

60, 70, 80, even later, people may start piano. Any age may develop new brain connections. Never stop learning. Later-in-life beginners may need more patience.

What is the best method to teach piano?

Until now, the most successful popular piano / keyboard teaching approach has been the conventional piano method, which teaches pupils to read and play the notes in each hand appropriately

How long should a piano lesson last?

Beginner piano lessons should be 30 minutes. Adult piano lessons will last for 45 to 60 minutes. Degreed pianists may take lengthier lessons.

Can I learn piano in 2 months?

With just four months of practice, a person with some piano playing experience can develop an impressive ability to play by ear. But those starting cold will need six months before they master the fundamentals and begin their journey towards becoming a skilled musician.

How many levels of piano are there?

Beginner, early medium, intermediate, early advanced, and advanced are piano skill levels.Beginner, early medium, intermediate, early advanced, and advanced are piano skill levels.

What makes A good pianist?

It implies rehearsing music until you can “talk” via it. Using dynamics, timing, and technical abilities to produce empathy in your playing and then drawing others into that emotion.

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