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William Kent Krueger writes mystery novels that have delighted audiences for many years, giving readers an exciting adventure with each book they pick up. From his Cork O’Connor series to standalone novels like Ordinary Grace, Krueger’s stories take us through a gripping journey of suspense and crime-solving in the Midwest United States. Whether you’re a fan of William Kent Krueger or new to his works, this guide is sure to help you find the perfect book for your reading needs! Get ready for an entertaining read as we explore all things William Kent Krueger, from what order should one read his books in to upcoming releases. Don’t wait any longer – let’s dive into the amazing world of william kent krueger books in order today!

Who is William Kent Krueger?

William Kent Krueger is an American author of mystery and thriller novels, mostly set in Minnesota and the Midwest. He is most well-known for his series of books about Cork O’Connor, a former sheriff who now works as a private investigator.

All 15+ William Kent Krueger Books in Order

All 15+ William Kent Krueger Books in Order
All 15+ William Kent Krueger Books in Order

Iron Lake

Former Aurora Minnesota sheriff Cork O’Connor is struggling to cope with the shattering effects of a broken marriage, relying on dangerous stimulants and an ever-growing sense of guilt. With his unique blend of Irish/Anishinaabe heritage, he must somehow make peace with himself in order to rebuild his life and reunite with his children.

Boundary Waters

Cork O’Connor is hired by a young woman to investigate her father’s disappearance in the treacherous Boundary Waters, and he soon finds himself caught up in a desperate search for a legendary creature said to live there.

Purgatory Ridge

Cork O’Connor, a former sheriff and part Anishinaabe, finds himself caught between duty to his investigation of an explosion that killed the night watchman at wealthy industrialist Karl Lindstrom’s nearby lumber mill – which lies close to Aurora Minnesota where 3,752 people call home – and loyalty to his wife who represents the Indigenous tribe sacredly connected with this land. Will he be able gain justice for all?

All 15+ William Kent Krueger Books in Order
All 15+ William Kent Krueger Books in Order

Blood Hollow

When a local high school student goes missing on New Year’s Eve, secrets start to unravel. Four months later her body is found atop a hillside and the blame shifts towards Solemn Winter Moon; bad boy by day, fugitive by night? Cork O’Connor knows there’s more than meets the eye – could he be right or will he just uncover another dark truth hidden in this small town?

Mercy Falls

After returning to the role of sheriff in Tamarack County, Cork O’Connor finds himself thrown into a dangerous situation when he visits an Ojibwe reservation and comes under sniper fire. Unperturbed, Sheriff O’Connor is soon called upon again: there’s been a gruesome discovery – the mutilated body of Eddie Jacoby has been found near Mercy Falls! It turns out that Mr. Jacoby was negotiating between his company and an Indian casino; however it seemed not everyone wanted this contract concluded…

Copper River

Fleeing for his life with a bullet wound in his leg, Sheriff Cork O’Connor seeks refuge at an old resort owned by his cousin Jewell DuBois. But upon arriving to the small Michigan town of Bodine he discovers that two teenage runaways have gone missing; one girl’s body even washing up along the riverbanks. With time running out, it is now up to Cork and Ren (Jewel’s son) to uncover this murderous conspiracy before any more damage can be done.

Thunder Bay

After leaving the badge of his former life as sheriff behind, Cork O’Connor settled in Aurora and opened up a private investigator office. But before he could enjoy his newfound peace for long, Henry Meloux came calling – an old friend who was also is spiritual adviser. His request? That Cork locate the son that he had fathered many years ago.

Red Knife

When a young man from the Red Lake Indian Reservation is found dead in a nearby Minneapolis alley, all signs point towards his own gang as the perpetrators. But when Sheriff O’Connor begins to investigate further, he soon finds himself caught up in an age-old feud between neighboring Native American tribes and delving deep into their mysticism.

All 15+ William Kent Krueger Books in Order
All 15+ William Kent Krueger Books in Order

Heaven’s Keep

As the snow rages and hope dwindles, Cork O’Connor must battle Mother Nature and all odds to locate his wife – a charter plane has vanished in Wyoming’s Rocky Mountains on her fateful journey. Can this intrepid hero save their love or will it be lost forever beneath the blizzard?

Vermilion Drift.

Working alongside his old business partner and best friend, Stephen O’Connor, Cork is hired to investigate a series of suspicious robberies around the Iron Range. When they uncover the truth behind this case, it leads them down an even darker path involving a long-buried secret which could destroy their friendship – or worse yet – tear apart their beloved

Northwest Angle

Detective Cork O’Connor faces a tough challenge: uncover the mystery of who killed an innocent young girl, all while his own family is caught in the sights of ruthless murderers. William Kent Krueger brings us yet another edge-of-your seat installment from this captivating New York Times bestselling series!

Trickster’s Point

Cork O’Connor is called back to his hometown of Aurora to investigate a suspicious death, but soon discovers that this case holds more than just a murder. In the dark corners of Minnesota’s Northwoods lies an ancient secret and it will take all of Cork’s experience and courage to unravel it.

All 15+ William Kent Krueger Books in Order
All 15+ William Kent Krueger Books in Order

Tamarack County

As Christmas neared, a howling blizzard raged through Tamarack County – and with it came the mysterious disappearance of an elderly judge’s wife. Despite extensive searching in hostile conditions, days passed without news or sign as to her whereabouts; would she ever be found alive?

Windigo Island

Sheriff Cork O’Connor returns in this thrilling mystery series when a mutilated body is discovered on Windigo Island, an ancient Ojibwe burial ground. With mysterious forces at work and haunted by the island’s dark legends, will Cork be able to unravel this complicated case of murder and redemption?

Manitou Canyon

As the wintry cold of November approaches, Cork O’Connor feels a chill like no other. The month holds painful memories for him; its darkness recalls his wife’s tragic death and those of his beloved father and best friend. So when he discovers that this year in November will be marked by his daughter’s wedding, it fills Cork with unease – an emotion tinged both with joy at welcoming new life into their family as well as sorrow over past losses.

Sulfur Springs

While trying to come to terms with the recent disappearance of his daughter, Detective Cork O’Connor finds himself drawn into another intricate case. It begins in a small Minnesota town where a giant sinkhole has opened up, swallowing both buildings and secrets alike. As evidence continues to pile up pointing towards an old enemy.

Desolation Mountain

Stephen O’Connor knew that the prophetic musings of Hamlet were more than just words. His entire life, he had been haunted by terrible visions – none greater than his premonition of a great bird shot from its path in the sky. When a private plane crashes on Desolation Mountain in Iron Lake Reservation and kills an influential Senator’s family aboard, Stephen knows with certainty that something sinister looms ahead…

Lightning Strike

If you’re looking to embark on an adventure with William Kent Krueger, be sure not to jump ahead of yourself by starting with Lightning Strike. To truly appreciate the prequel story and its characters, it is best that readers gain a familiarity first with Cork before taking off!

Fox Creek

As Henry Meloux, an ancient Ojibwe healer walks the Northwoods in solitude, peace is evasive. He has had a vision of his own death and seeks to prepare for it peacefully – yet hunters have come looking for Dolores Morriseau; a stranger who sought sanctuary with him and was blessed by his wisdom. With this unexpected intrusion comes turmoil threatening to disrupt the solemn journey towards life’s end that he so desperately desires.

Conclusion: william kent krueger books in order

William Kent Krueger has once again taken us on a wild ride with his beloved Cork O’Connor series. With each book, we have been presented with unique mysteries involving intense and dangerous situations as well as characters full of heart and courage. Thanks for reading William Kent Krueger books in order.

FAQs: william kent krueger books in order

What is the order of books by William Kent Krueger?

The books in the Cork O’Connor series are:

1. Iron Lake

2. Boundary Waters

3. Purgatory Ridge

4. Blood Hollow

5. Mercy Falls

6. Copper River

7. Thunder Bay

8. Red Knife

9. Vermilion Drift

10. Northwest

What should I read after Kent Krueger?

If you enjoyed the Cork O’Connor series, you might also like books by other mystery writers such as Homer Hickam, Craig Johnson or C.J. Box. Additionally, if you are looking for an adventure that involves elements of suspense and true crime, try authors like Michael Connelly, Harlan Coben,…

Do you need to read William Kent Krueger in order?

William Kent Krueger’s remarkable standalone novels each offer a unique journey into the wilds of his beloved Minnesota, offering captivating stories that can be read in any order. With characters as unforgettable and vivid as those found in his Cork O’Connor series (which follows an Irish-American former sheriff), these masterfully crafted tales contain just enough mystery to keep readers eagerly turning pages until they discover what lies beyond.

Is William Kent Krueger Indian?

William Kent Krueger is an acclaimed American novelist and crime writer renowned for his captivating series of novels set in the picturesque landscape of Minnesota. Featuring protagonist Cork O’Connor, these tales explore themes of mystery, justice, and family relationships that keep readers hooked to the very last page.

Why was William Kent Krueger kicked out of Stanford?

Growing up in the majestic Cascade Mountains of Oregon, William Kent Krueger experienced the true rewards of nature’s beauty. His enthusiasm for life was tempered by a short stint at Stanford University before his fiery ideals were cut short due to “radical activities.”

Is William Kent Krueger writing a new book?

Get ready! An exciting new installment in the series is coming soon – Jawbone Creek. This contemporary book will be released this fall and promises to captivate readers of all ages with its thrilling story. Don’t miss out on what’s sure to become a classic novel!

Where is William Kent Krueger from?

William Kent Krueger is an American novelist and crime writer born in 1950 in Torrington, Connecticut. He currently resides in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota with his wife and three children and enjoys taking regular trips to his beloved Northwoods.

Do you have to read William Kent Krueger books in order?

Standalone Novels. William Kent Krueger has also published three hugely successful standalone works, which you can read in any order you choose. Just like the Cork O’Connor series, these stories are set primarily in Minnesota, where the author has spent much of his life.

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